History Con Manila 2017 : Bigger, Better And Bolder

“Bigger, Better and Bolder”, that was the tag line for this year’s History Con Manila. History Con had their first ever and one of a kind convention last year where they brought some of the biggest celebrities from History Channel and interestingly broke some world records and literally made history. This year, they definitely made it bigger, better and bolder. The four day event was held in World Trade Center with larger venue, spacious exhibit halls, more highly relevant exhibition, more celebrities , more nostalgic collections and bigger celebrities both international and local scene.
The Admission fee for this Year is worth Php250 per day and it comes with a free slingbag (last year it was a notebook and a lanyard )

Being a history lover, HistoryCon Manila instantly captured my attention last year but then I realized that the convention was actually not solely about history but random things about entertainment in relation with History Channel and other exhibits that will give you some sort of nostalgia. Almost half of the venue last year was almost occupied by different cars of different models of different generations. It was like a clash between old and new cars but I do appreciate the fact that there were vintage car collections and classic muscle cars in the exhibit which makes it both relevant to history and History Channel’s Counting Cars. This year, there are lesser cars but most of them are absolutely classic.
IMG_1844t  It’s very rare to spot an authentic American Muscle car in the streets of Manila and with exhausting traffic, I really don’t think you can appreciate the beauty of this car. The picture above is a stunning 1966 AC Cobra sporting a 7 liter engine which can generate up to 410 horsepower
IMG_1839tPossibly one of the oldest cars on the exhibit is this 1928 Ford Model A Phaeton. It was a well restored classic car but no further details were mentioned whether the car is still in good working condition but nevertheless, this is truly a classic beauty to marvel!
IMG_1845tI’m not sure if this is the same Volkswagen Bus from last year’s event but this one seemingly underwent an intensive restoration. This resto-mod version of VW bus is sporting some innovative improvements!
You can also spot two iconic Muscle cars including a striking Camaro SS and Dodge Charger R/T
IMG_1857tBut of all the cars featured in the event, those who grew up in the 80s will definitely recognized this replica of a fictional car from the hit Tv series Knight Rider starring David Hasselhoff. It’s KITT!!!
IMG_1863tA stunning F3 Lola Race Car was also showcased in the event!
DLSU Solar Car also exhibited their impressive masterpiece! They showcased three solar cars in their booth. The Sinag 1, the Sinag 2 and a Solar Car which is still under development. Ryan Reyes, one of the DLSU students who was attached to this interesting project gave me some details about this solar car and how it works. It is very interesting that we have such kind of projects in our country. I have learned that this Solar Car project has been in works since 2007 when the first Sinag solar car was developed. Currently, the engineering students of De La Salle is working on a new project which is dubbed as Adlaw Cruiser, a four seater solar car which has the capability to transport people. It is still on a working phase but I can’t wait to see the future development.
Much like last year, Veteran’s Bank will pay tribute to our mighty soldiers who became part of the Second world war. This time, however, they got bigger booth and they brought a couple of huge military vehicle including this gigantic war tank!

Also this military vehicle sporting an artillery on top! Much like last year, the representatives from Veterans Bank made a series of World War 2 reenactments!
The Filipino Picker booth is back showcasing some of his nostalgic collections that every kids from 80s and 90s can relate. It was actually very timely for the Filipino Picker as the event invited the hosts of History Channel’s The Pickers!
IMG_1869tDo you still remember the names of the other Jollibee mascots here?
IMG_1873tOr how about some Funny Komiks series?
IMG_1908tOr maybe you still have one of these Mcdonald’s 101 Dalmatian collectibles! Seeing all of these collections (some of them are for sale by the way) is such a nostalgic experience! It brought me some amazing childhood memories!
IMG_1914tThere are many other vintage collections in this event including this overwhelming coin and bank note collection.
A Japanese Mickey mouse money collection
IMG_1885tThere’s also a collection of old typewriters
IMG_1906tLeather wallets
IMG_1910tAnd vintage Coca-Cola merchandises
IMG_1875tMetal Art is one of the highlights of this year’s History Con. The event showcased an overwhelming amount of metal sculptures including those amazing works from Mr Ram Mallari
IMG_1878tMallari is a sculptor who uses found metal and turn them into masterpiece!
IMG_1886tLook at this intricately detailed Dragon Metal Sculpture!
IMG_1888tOr how about this steampunk-like chess set
IMG_1890tAn Ironman Metal Sculpture
IMG_1893TAnother impressive metal Sculpture from Mallari!
This year is also special because History Con finally embraces the pop culture through ToyCon!
MaxiCollectors Booth is also present in this convention showcasing some of their amazing scaled action figures. You can also spot a bunch of Cosplayers in this event. Interestingly, it is not just about the pop culture and toys and comics but it also feature an interesting history behind some of our favorite characters like Batman and Spiderman.
IMG_1896TSince we are talking about heroes, our very own super heroes were here through Mars Ravelo’s franchise. These are the same action figures we spotted from ToyCon.
IMG_1904tThe event also paid tribute to Mars Ravelo’s 100th Anniversary by setting up his own booth. It features some items and memorabilia from the famous artist with a running documentary inside.

Pedro Penduko was also highlighted in this event. James Reid was recently announced to portray the new Pedro Penduko on the first day of the event. The movie will be adapted from this newly released graphic novel of Pedro Penduko which was originally created by the the Philippine National Artist Francisco Coching. It was written by Regene Estolatan and illustrated by Jerome Jagonia. I was lucky enough to interview Jerome to give me some interesting information about the comics and his thoughts about the upcoming Pedro Penduko movie. He didn’t visualized James Reid for the iconic role but he was glad that they love the new concept of Pedro Penduko. He knows James Reid will give justice to this beloved hero!
IMG_1940tOutside the venue, you can also spot some interesting vintage toy collection including these toy soldiers from 1950s
IMG_1942tAnd these toy cars from 50s and 60s
IMG_1943tVintage Motorcyles are also in display
IMG_1919tOn the other side of the venue is another set of exhibits but this time, it was dedicated to FYI Asia TV channel. It also featured some international celebrities like John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin of Tiny House Nation and Adam Liaw of Destination Flavour
IMG_1920tThe showcased a bunch of interesting items and products including this highly intriguing Himalayan Salt Lamp!
There’s also a section here that features some wild animals (reptiles to be specific) including this cute little horned frog
IMG_1936tAnd some wild species of snakes!
20170811_160517tIf you are brave enough (okay I’m not and I’m actually freaking out inside haha), you can have a photo opp with this huge python!
History Con Manila 2017 was definitely done bigger , better and bolder and I just can’t wait what things they will offer next year!

Feel free to watch the video summary below

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2 thoughts on “History Con Manila 2017 : Bigger, Better And Bolder

  • August 24, 2017 at 10:32 pm

    I was supposed to go here but didn’t have the time! It’s always a nice thing to see and revisit history once a while. Were you able to see Pia Wurtzbach? I read she went there too to receive awards. Hopefully next year, I could go! That python, was it cold? ?

  • September 29, 2017 at 11:06 am

    Would love to go to this in the future. I watch the History Channel and I’m just plain fascinated with historical events. I’m sure it’ll take more than a day to really go through each and every exhibit.


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