How to Play Harmonica

PhotobucketDoes anyone knows how to play Harmonica? I got one from my cousin and he encouraged me to learn how to play this instrument. I failed with my piano lesson with him and so as the guitar so he’s hoping that I could somehow manage to play a Harmonica. They said that it is the easiest instrument to play and it is by far the most portable instrument I know that you can bring anywhere. However, despite of that, they said that Harmonica is one of the most difficult instrument to master. It’s funny because even though I do not have any idea how to play a song using a Harmonica, I can still produce soothing melody for some reason.

Proper breathing is indeed the key to play this wind instrument effectively. My cousin actually advised me to practice breathing with my diaphragm. I tried to play it myself but I can hardly tell what kind of tone I’m producing. I wonder how long will it take for me to master at least a single piece. Actually, Harmonic can go well with guitars. Remember Alanis Morissette when playing her “Hands in My Pocket”. She managed to play her Harmonica while playing her guitar which came up with a very wonderful interlude.  Here’s a video of her amazing performance.

She actually did the same thing with her “Head Over Feet”. Anyway, since my cousin has guitars , I should do my best to master this instrument. It might take time I know but I will try my best.  Playing Harmonica while playing the guitar especially if you have radial guitar effects at home will deliver a wonderful performance indeed.  Now, to prove you more that Guitar and Harmonica can play along with each other perfectly. Check Mang Tomy’s version of “Lift your Hands”

Mang Tomy became an internet sensation after someone saw his performance and posted it in YouTube. What an inspiration indeed!

6 thoughts on “How to Play Harmonica”

  1. [SK] says:

    i don't know how to play harmonica, in fact, i do not know how to play any musical instruments either~~ 🙁

  2. [SK] says:

    hahaha, you failed your piano and guitar, and now the harmonica?? but i gotta agree with you, it's easy to learn but definitely tough to master..

  3. [SK] says:

    i always admire people who can play musical instruments so well.. for example piano and guitar, they are just awesome!!!

  4. yvonne says:

    I had one old hand-me-down harmonica when I was young.

    I simply blew air into it, kekeke~ sorry, I don't know how to play but I enjoy all musical instruments.

    1. yvonne says:

      I can't even play the recorder (look-alike flute?) :p

  5. sheohyan says:

    I believe everyone should know at least one musical instrument, that's why I let my girls learn piano. I myself have 0 knowledge in music.

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