A Frustrated Guitarist

PhotobucketDo you know how to play a guitar or any sort of musical instruments? It’s my ultimate dream actually. i would love to play a guitar just like my cousin, however, i know nothing about it and how to flock the strings properly. I was with my cousin last weekend and I asked him to teach me the basics. He got a rhythm and a base guitar and he also have a piano at home. He is indeed a music lover and I wish I could have such talent like that. He taught me about the keys and sharps and everything but I am not so sure if i was able to absorb everything. And then , as he turned on his ultrasound amplifier on his studio-type room, I told him to play first so I can watch him how to do it properly. Okay, after that jaw-dropping performance of him, he asked me to try it. Oh God! It turned out as a mess and the sounds (or should I called it “noice” haha) scattered everywhere , irritating my ear drums and all. Well, I just said to myself, maybe guitar-playing is something not meant for me. Maybe, I’ll try the piano LOL.

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