Milzon’s Recognition

PhotobucketTime is running so fast and it seems that it was just yesterday when my brother Milzon was just a toddler playing with his kiddie toys. Oh well, of course, he’s still a kid and he’ll be turning 9 this coming September but the way he act like now is way too far from what he was before. I’ve been very close to him ever since despite of the huge difference with our age. I don’t mind playing with him the whole day and I simply treasured those moments. I’m a one big proud brother indeed and just like what happened few weeks ago where Milzon attended a Recognition Day in his school and was awarded with a medal, I was like jumping out from my chair and I was like shouting due to extreme happiness. This is my brother’s very first medal and I know that he felt the same way of excitement as I did.
PhotobucketMy mom took him on stage to give his medal. I’m not getting any younger it seems. Anyway, i am really proud of you Milzon and may you have many more medals and recognitions to come.

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