I’m In a No Rice Diet

Just want to let you know guys that i am on a “No Rice” Diet since last month though i have ruined my diet plan last week as i was tempted to eat rice and it happened again yesterday while Milzon and I were making our very first Japanese Bento. I just can’t help it guys. I just can’t stop myself from eating rice as it is a stable food here in our country.No matter how I satisfy myself from eating bread and other alternatives for rice, i still feel that something is missing.

I started to have this “No Rice” diet after i started to feel that I am gaining so much weight. I do not have enough time to attend regular gym session or do some cardio exercises and activities. They told me that No Rice diet is the most effective diet of all. You can also see faster results from it. However, it is kinda unhealthy because you will lose all your strength and energy by taking rice out of your meal plan. They said that i should take diet pills instead but i just don’t know where to find diet pills that work ! I used to see plenty of ads on magazines and online but i don’t know which of them tells the truth. Well anyway, i think i have to try my best with this “No Rice” Diet. Wish me luck guys!

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  • March 29, 2011 at 1:36 am

    It's really quite a challenge to get rid of something that you are already have gotten used to for a long time. Still, it can be done so just keep on pushing. Good luck with your diet plan!


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