Keeping myself Busy

Well, most of you are wondering how I manage my time and how am I able to update all my blogs in a regular basis. Well, there’s nothing really special. I am a type of guy who always plans of what are the things that I will be doing in the near future. I try to finish them all ahead of time. If I am not on line, there are few things that I used to do like, Watching my favorite tv shows including Glee and Oprah Winfrey Show; Playing with my little brother and helping him doing some art projects; and of course playing my favorite video games using my xbox 360. Few of my favorite games are Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Medal of Honor, Twisted metal and more! Well of course, I never forget to spend time for my studies and for my work. I am a type of guy who doesn’t want to stay idle and always want to work. This is how I keep myself busy.

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