Limited Budget Travelling Tips for Students

Student years are the best time to travel the world. You are full of enthusiasm, inspiration, and power. You are ready to travel more, learn more, experience more. The only thing you lack is money. Still, the low budget shouldn’t be the reason you give up your travelling dreams or plans. Search the way to plan your adventure trip.  There is a great number of budget-friendly travel ideas online that you can find! You just have to put some efforts into and discover how to travel the world with ease. Look through some tips and come up with your hacks to implement your wishes.

Work While Travel

The most common way to travel for free or with low expenses is to work on the go. There are several options for you to combine work, studying and travelling. You can study remotely with a flexible schedule or take a gap year. When it comes to working, you can pick up from the following options:

  • Remote work – writer, IT specialist, web designer, photographer, translator, and more. There are plenty of students who are ready to pay for research paper online, and you can make good money out of it.
  • A full-time job that involves travelling – cruise liner worker, flight attendant, travel blogger and so on. You can see the world completely chargeless this way and even earn some good cash, besides.
  • Odd jobs – house and pet sitting, help with household or on the farm, street dancing, singing, and more. The more you communicate with locals, the better job you can find yo add to your travel budget on the spot.

Teach While Travel

Knowing English and being communicative is enough for you to travel for peanuts. There are plenty of educational programs which invite students with good English knowledge to teach kids in remote parts of the world. You are not guaranteed to earn money for this. But at least you can expect transfer, food and accommodation at no charge. If you are ready to do some teaching and want to observe nature and unknown cultures, this is an excellent opportunity for you.

This will not just give you the opportunity to travel but also allows you to leave meaningful contribution to the people you interact with. There is a great number of countries to visit and some of which are known for their beautiful and colorful culture. If budget is your main concern, there are many budget-friendly tours in Turkey that you can confidently consider. From the most iconic destinations of Istanbul, the Imperial capital to the ancient port of Ephesus and the ancient city of Troy that will surely take you back in time.

A VolunTourism Campaign (travel and charity works)

Volunteer While Travel

Apart from English teaching, you can also join many other volunteer programs. Either you want to help pandas or blue whales or clean the shores of the ocean, there will be a volunteer program for you. Apply early, select the program to please your travel intentions and personal interests, and get budget travel with many perks provided.

Care and Share

Caring is sharing. We all know this. You can care about yourself and share travel expenses with your buddies. Travelling with friends may have its pitfalls, but you will be able to reduce your budget decently if you travel in a group. This way you will pay together for petrol and car amortization, cook in turns, share accommodation, and more. If you have common views and ideas on travelling, set on a journey together with friends and enjoy it.

Choose Cheap Destination

Don’t plan a trip to commonly visit places such as Paris or Maldives. OPt for less famous destinations instead. Go to Cambodia or Tanzania, explore rainforests, abandoned cities, go tracking in search of lost civilizations. Search for adventure on your travel, but not luxurious clubs, design stores, and so on. This will add to your experience, wallet and emotions.

A homestay in Buscalan (way cheaper than hostels)

Save on Food and Accommodation

Don’t eat or sleep your budget away. Again, you are not travelling to eat in Michelin restaurants or sleep in premium suites. Here are some ideas to waste less on food and accommodation:

  • Book accommodation ahead
  • Opt for hostels, shared rooms, and tourist shelters
  • Live in a tent
  • Cook yourself
  • Eat street food
  • Eat a local’s homes

You can come with your ideas here. Just mind your security and wellness.

Use Student Programs and Discounts

Student travelling is so popular worldwide since students have more possibilities to get a cheap journey. The best options are to get the use of your status along with student programs and discounts. There is plenty of educational, cultural, volunteer, and other programs which allow you to travel the world on a budget and earn lifetime experience with ease. Also, you have students’ discounts. They have reduced prices for transportation, museum and library tickets, social canteens, and so many more.
Take your time to get prepared, explore all the possible ways to travel cheap or for free and set on the journey with no hesitation.