Melbourne’s Best Spanish Restaurants to Celebrate World Tapas Day

There is no doubt that people in Melbourne love tapas to a fault. This has seen Melbourne become one of the cities where World Tapas Day, which is marked on every third Thursday in June, is celebrated. Tapas were originally small portions of Spanish dishes that were served with drinks, but today they are many small plates of different cuisines. They are an exciting way to sample the different dishes on offer. They are also a great way to catch up with friends or family members as you share drinks and bites.

Restaurants in Melbourne participate in celebrating World Tapas Day by offering special tapas dishes with drinks like wine and beer. Some of these restaurants do not just offer the tapas menu for just a day but extend it up to two weeks. Isn’t that a great way to have fun and enjoy marvelous cuisines and drinks?

Here are some Spanish restaurants in Melbourne to go to for World Tapas Day:
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Movida Next Door

Movida Next Door never disappoints and goes to any length to bring its patrons the best of tapas that are inspired by the top Spanish bars. The patrons are treated to the great tastes of Movida’s talented and dedicated crew’s flavorful Spanish tapas. Some of the items offered include deep-fried potato “bomba” filled with chorizo and el montadito de pâté. The latter is an open-faced sandwich with toppings made of duck liver pate, caramelised onions, and reduced Pedro Ximenez. These tapas are served with matching drinks like wine, beer, sherry, cava, and vermouth.

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Foodies and party lovers get to enjoy great sherry that comes with matching tapas such as manchego cheese croqueta, tortillas de camarones (prawn fritters), and others.

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Vamos is not just your ordinary tapas bar and restaurant, it is more than that because they offer something different every day. You should not take chances, so make your reservation early by visiting to get a table to yourself, and you may even choose to host your friends to catch up over drinks and tapas. You will enjoy some old favourite cuisines that have Latin American and Spanish origins but with a Melbourne touch that is unique to Vamos.


While tapas are meant to be snacks, at Bomba, you should forget that since you can have a meal of tapas. You will eat to your fill on such dishes like burrata with tomato montanditto, lamb cutlet, and quail alongside buckwheat and pistachios. For the dessert, you can have churros with molten chocolate.

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Naked for Satan

Tapa lovers have fun at Naked for Satan Pintxos & Vodka Bar, Fitzroy, as they have bites of pintxos (toothpick snacks that are typically one or two bites).The pintxos could be made of spicy lamb meatballs and dill or garlic mushrooms paired with capsicum, among other food items. The pintxos can be washed down with a drink of choice.

There you have just a few Spanish restaurants where you can celebrate World Tapas Day. You can also explore and check out other great places. The bottom line is to have fun as you enjoy your tapas and drinks with friends. But each day is a tapas day in Melbourne, so go out and enjoy your tapa any time, any day.

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