MM: Hark! The Herald Angel Sing by Charlotte Church

I’m on Charlotte Church theme this week. Here’s CC’s version of Hark The Herald Angel Sing

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8 thoughts on “MM: Hark! The Herald Angel Sing by Charlotte Church”

  1. I love this song BD. All the Christmas songs bring tears to my eyes. I am just an old sentimental and can't help it!!

    1. bluedreamer says:

      Indeed.. I feel the same way too..

  2. Wow…is this a new blog? I love the lay out!! I send wishes for great success with this one too!!:-)

    1. bluedreamer says:

      Nope… it's been in the blogosphere for almost a year now ^_^

  3. Merry Christmas BD and Happy MM!!

    1. bluedreamer says:

      Happy MM Jackie!! nice to see you here

  4. Bill says:

    Another great choice my friend. I really love the classics.

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