[Movie Review] King Arthur : Legend of the Sword ~ Not Your Average King Arthur Story

Who among us are not familiar with the epic story of King Arthur? Considering that the legend of this king has been told countless times in different form of media (books, movies, television series, video games and more), the so-called Arthurian Legend has become known in every generation. The plot has been twisted many times and each version has their own interpretation of the legend but the question here is that, is it really necessary for another King Arthur movie? Guy Ritchie, the man behind the two Sherlock Holmes movie will take us back to the medieval period to retell us  the epic story of King Arthur before and after he got the legendary Excalibur sword.
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This Guy Ritchie’s creation , however, will take us to a different tale. This is not the kind of King Arthur story I used to imagine but hey, this is surprisingly good! King Arthur : Legend of the Sword follows a story Arthur (played by Charlie Hunnam) and his origin and how he was destined to draw the sword from the stone and how he was chosen to wield it. Unlike your typical Medieval monarch movie, the film will highlight what the Excalibur is really capable of.  The story is set long before King Arthur met Guinevere and his right hand Lancelot. So yeah, we are not (yet) introduced to that “love triangle” and “betrayal” we are all familiar of.
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In this movie, Arthur is actually aware of his Royal Lineage but refuses to embrace it because of the tragic fate he has witnessed when he was a kid. His parents were killed by Vortigern (played by Jude Law) right before his eyes and he was haunted by it ever since. However, Arthur cannot escape his fate as he is destined to something bigger. When he managed to draw the sword from the stone, that’s where his epic journey begins. Vortigen , a man greedy of power, starts to find ways on how to bring Arthur down. Arthur, however, is not facing this battle alone as he is supported by his loyal companions including the Mage sent by Merlin (played by Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey),Sir Bedivere (Djimon Hounsou), the archer Goosefat Bill Wilson (Aidan Gillen), George “the Chinese George” (played by Tom Wu) and more.
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The film has a very interesting approach of narrating the story. There were portions where it actually feels like you’re watching a film teaser. There were sequences in the movie that feature no dialogues and nothing but a fast-paced story telling. Flashbacks were cleverly and humorously  inputted too. I also love how Arthur is depicted in the movie, a straightforward guy who has this sort of “anti-hero” attributes yet still possessing qualities which makes him worthy to be a king.
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Since this is a multi-million budget film, King Arthur : Legend of the Sword will treat us with visually stunning graphics. The CGI fight scenes are truly engaging to watch but there were sequences that it feels like watching a video game gameplay. The huge elephants in the opening scene was such an interesting addition! I don’t know if it’s just me but I find the film “less medieval” compare to the Medieval monarch movies that I have watched but other than that, everything from the movie is visually satisfying.

It is also interesting to note that the film will add a pinch of humor in the entire course of the story which makes the movie a lot more enjoying to watch. This could be a new and refreshing approach to King Arthur’s story but whether you are into Medieval-inspired stories or not, this movie is truly worth watching!
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King Arthur : Legend of the Sword will arrive in Philippine cinemas on May 17, 2017 (Rated PG by the MTRCB)

PS: The film also teases a possible sequel! Ready for the Round table anyone?

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