My First Panagbenga Festival and Baguio Day Trip


Finally, I was able to complete one of the things on my bucket list and that is to travel alone (well sort of). I went to Baguio two days ago for the Panagbenga Festival along with other groups who also availed the Day Trip tour package by TravelPack and Tours. It was my first time to witness the Panagbenga, my first time to Baguio and also my first time to travel solo (without any of my family or friends to accompany me). Generally, I really had a blast even though I am not feeling so well that day and I’m glad I made it through! I can say that this is also the longest ride I ever had in my life so far!P2283826tOur meet up point was in Madison Square in Mandaluyong and we were warmly welcomed by our tour guide Ms Addah. We departed at 11:30pm and I only had 3 hours of sleep! Surprisingly, it took us only 4 hours to reach Baguio and we arrived there 2 hours ahead of our itinerary.P2283775tAlthough not part of our Trip, we were given the chance to witness the famous Lion Head in Kennon Road! Well, i guess the Baguio trip will not be completed without it! It was 4 am and I cannot take a good shot of the statue! P2283793tWe had our quick breakfast after our arrival. I was planning to visit the Cafe By The Ruins but everything has changed. In fact, we had a slightly different itinerary compare to what they include on their proposed plan but that’s okay because they are just trying to make it more realistic. While exploring the Session Road, you’ll find the colorful grand floats being prepared. I thought the parade will start at 7 yet we waited more than hour before officially it begins.P2283798tSpotted another grand float prior to the parade.P2283807tThe effort they put for each float was simply amazing! P2283849tEach Float is accompanied by Street Dancers with their colorful costumesP2283883tThe Grand Float Parade! Celebrities like Melai, Jason and even Coco Martin were spotted here. P2283977TAfter the Panagbenga Parade, we were taken to the Wright Park. We are supposed to have a snack in 50’s Diner yet it didn’t pushed through because the restaurant is fully occupied so the majority of us decided to visit the Wright Park and just find a place to eat nearby. P2283984TEven though I am so hungry that time, a group invited me to join them exploring the Wright Park and the Mansion! It’s my chance to gain new friends so why not right?P2284001The MansionP2284044TOur next destination was the famous Mines View Park where we were encouraged to buy our pasalubongs too!P2284026TThe Mines View Park deckP2284041tOf Course, I gave this a try! P2284047TWhile exploring the Mines View Park alone, I spotted this small Cordillera World Museum where you can see a nice replica of an Ifugao house and other hand made crafts. P2284072TAfter the Mines View, we headed to La Trinidad, Benguet to visit the Strawberry Farm.P2284113yAnd then  back to Baguio for The Our Lady of Lourdes GrottoP2284124tWe’re supposed to visit the Camp John Hay but the weather was not cooperating with so decided to have our very late lunch at Good Taste and then we headed home afterwards!
Note: This is just an Overview of my Panagbenga and Baguio Day Trip, I will post more details about this soon!

33 thoughts on “My First Panagbenga Festival and Baguio Day Trip”

  1. This is one on my bucket list! And until now i haven’t witnessed this festival yet.. i really hope next year i can find time to visit Baguio once again! I missed the strawberry ice cream and ube jam! 🙂

  2. ROBERT LEE says:

    Excellent post! You showed how beautiful the festival is. The Philippines is a country of festivals!

  3. This is one of the things in my bucketlist for quite a long time already. Hope to visit it soon since my last time in Baguio was more than a decade already. Great photos 🙂

  4. Jonathan says:

    In all these years I thought it was Penagbenga, ha,ha,ha! I haven’t seen the festivity because it falls in February and my only time in Baguio would always be June or July. A must visit when I retire.

  5. Paddy says:

    What a colourful festival! I want to go back to Baguio because last time i was there I only stayed one night. I arrived in the dark and then left early for my next destination early in the morning. I didn’t get to see much in Baguio. Next time I will stop for this festival.

  6. Miranda says:

    This is not on my bucket list, because I have never heard of this festival. I am in the United States. This festival looks fun and interesting. It maybe added to my bucket list after I do some research, thanks for showing us and I’m glad you had a GREAT time!!

  7. Subha natarajan says:

    Its so great to hear of the diff special festivals across the world….it gives us a different perspective of things..thaks for sharing this!!

  8. Louise says:

    This festival looks really exciting and beautiful especially for me who loves flowers so much! But knowing that this festival was held in Baguio, I got a little sad since I’m too afraid to go to Baguio. 🙁 I hope I get enough courage to go there so I can also enjoy like you guys do.

    ♡ Louise |

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      I felt the same Louise.. i am so scared to go here but I just conquered my fear and join a Baguio day tour alone and yes I made it through haha.. I bet you can do the same

  9. Klaudia says:

    Amazing !!! What a fantastic post ! Thanks for that !

  10. Bidy says:

    Wow, what great photos! I can’t get over the absolutely vivid colors. It is exciting when you are able to strike out that first time and make it a trip that you design. Great share!


  11. Joanna says:

    Amazing vibrant colors and flower designs. It must be such a happy festival! And the fact that the parade starts at 7am is wonderful. Nobody would be awake at that time to see a parade back here 🙂

  12. mommymadz says:

    I have seen it once and the floats areteuly lovely works of art.I had lived in Baguio for many years but it gets too crowded for us to really enjoy it.

  13. Panagbenga Festival!! Excellent post! All photos are beautiful! Thank you for sharing xx

  14. Paolo says:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences, I haven’t try to attend this event maybe because sometimes i hate crowd hehe, but it’s look awesome and you enjoy it so much.


  15. Marge Gavan says:

    Oh wow you were able to attend the Panagbenga. I actually planned to go there but some things ruined my plans huhuhu… Because of this I am going to make sure I will be there next year.

  16. This is one festival i really wanted to experience… Haaaaay kaylan pa kaya?! Lol thank u for sharing uour post

  17. Ginoel Orejo says:

    This one is near the top of my bucket list. It has been up there since grade school social studies where they teach you the country’s different festivals. Sadly, I have yet to check this particular one off. Someday I will. Someday.
    -Gino of

  18. rochkirstin says:

    The Strawberry Farm looks huge! We have been to Baguio several times but have never visited this farm before. Mines View Park still looks amazing. I miss the cold temperature there. 🙂

  19. Full of colors!But, please add more details of this destiantion regarding how to reach, accommodation etcetera for the benefit of overseas travellers.Do you plan to come to India?Do let me know.Bye

  20. I love flowers! And I have never experience panagbenga ever. Maybe next year we’ll try it!

  21. You got the first hand experience in this tourist-attraction annual festivity in Baguio City. How I wish I could experience that too personally not only reading it from review, testimony or news.

    By the way, the strawberry field is reminded of my two elementary pupils who went there for I think they were working together in Baguio City. They were both classmates and now they were married.

  22. Ann Balisbis says:

    Surprisingly you arrived there earlier than expected! I thought there’s a terrible traffic in Baguio during this time because of the festival. Anyhow, congrats on your successful solo trip! If only I’m a guy, I’ve done that too! I’m just still a bit hesitant because of safety reasons. But this made me more excited to visit Baguio. Crossing my fingers that that will happen sooner. 🙂

  23. Dunja says:

    Your pictures are so colorful, love them! Congrats on crossing out one more thing on your bucket list and travelling alone, it takes a lot of courage 🙂

  24. Johna says:

    Wowww! Looks like a lot of fun! I was so tempted to go last weekend but was hesitant because we didn’t book a room ahead of time. Did you have trouble finding a place to stay or did you book way ahead of time?

  25. Neri Ann says:

    Ang ganda ng mga flower floats! I always want to go here together with the kids!

  26. Caloy Olano says:

    It’s been years since I wanted to see this festival. Buti ka pa you were able to finally experience Panagbenga. I am planning to do a similar trip probably next year. Kakaingit!

  27. Franc Ramon says:

    I haven’t been to a Panagbenga festival for years now even if Baguio is my hometown. It’s really a beautiful festival.

  28. Aika Loraine says:

    Been stumbled upon your blog several times and i must say you really love travelling. Anyway, i like the Zagu’s parade float. and, it must be sooooooooooooo ‘mabango’ that day huh. Good to know you gained new friends!

  29. Janice says:

    Congrats on accomplishing so many “first times” on this trip! 🙂 I’ve been to Baguio plenty of times but have never seen the Panagbenga. That’s in my bucket list too.

  30. emiliana says:

    It seems like you had so much fun at the Panagbenga. I too am looking forward to seeing Panagbenga celebration next yesr.

  31. promking says:

    Dude. try mo sumama samin.
    Travel Coordinator ako sa Travel Factor. kung trip mo mag-Daraitan, or mag Pulag, sabihan mo ko. 🙂

  32. Kat says:

    I visited Baguio to witness this festival maybe three years ago? Like you, I was impressed with the effort the locals made into creating the floral-themed floats. I remember that there was so much people, we didn’t bother lining up in the streets to witness the floats passing by. Instead we went directly to the grand stand where the floats were displayed after the parade.

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