My Oily Problem

To be honest, i really have a hard time dealing with my pimples. They keep on reoccurring no matter how frequent i wash my face . I have a strong belief that it is all because of my oily skin. I grew up having this condition and it started to happen to me frequently after i reached high school. And it started to become worst after i stepped in college. Actually, we already tried to visit a dermatologist and ask for advice on what to do or what to take. She actually recommend me some list of acne products but i am quite confused which product should i take and which product is effective enough to solve my skin problem. My friend told be to choose a product very carefully and it is much better to observe first and check if the product has a history of therapeutic claims. I guess my friend is right. I better conduct my own investigation by checking the product’s history. I will also try to search some online forums that discusses such matter.

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