Planning For A Meaningful Activity

I have been a part of my Legion Of Mary family for more than a year now and I am really grateful about it. Legion of Mary is mandated organization of Catholic Church that aims to do several apostolic works and encourage others to enhance their devotion to Jesus through Mary. I am also grateful that our Senior officers have chosen me to become the vice president for their Junior praesidium. Handling kids is quite a challenge yet rewarding at the same time. We also have a newly appointed president for Juniors and we are both excited to see how much progress we can make together. In fact, we were planing to organize a special event for kids so that they will have chance to know each even more.
 photo P5170497e_zps06370d8d.jpg(A Typical Sunday Meeting for Senior Praesidium)

We did have a plan but we do not have the list of activities yet. We are currently brainstorming those ideal activities that kids will surely appreciate. We want to be child-friendly and we want to throw discussions in a way that they will not get bored at the same time. photo P7060302e_zpsd7c1fc8e.jpgThis image above is taken during the Recollection day where we invited tricycle drivers and let one of our catechist member teach them the importance of their devotion to Mary and also to teach them how to pray the rosary. It was a meaningful seminar indeed and how I wish we have portable field recorders that time so we can use some of these topics for out Junior members. Field recorder are very advantageous not just for those who are engaged with music but also for other functions. They are often used for seminars, lectures and other important events that you want to keep a record with. Anyway, we are hoping for a successful event for our Junior members this coming week and we are so excited for the outcome. Wish us luck!

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