Popsicle Stick Arts

Last month, we had the Halloween Special where we featured different Halloween related projects. This month, we themed up with Christmas related arts. In fact, we are done featuring 3 of our 8 projects including Santa Hat, recycled Christmas Lantern, and Improvised Maracas.

We have 5 more projects to share this month including Santa Elves made out from empty egg shells, Miniature Christmas tree, and Christmas tree hanging decors. Now i will give you a hint about our theme for the month of December, We are making Popsicle Stick Arts!!! Yup! If you enjoyed my Popsicle Stick Storage Box and my Popsicle Stick Picture Frame then we’ll bringing up more! So pack your self with a lot of Popsicle sticks next month and for sure you will be enjoying our Popsicle Stick Arts!

These projects include, Doll house, Lamp Shade, jewelry Box, Pencil holders and Puppets. Visit us at http://foundation08.blogspot.com (Our Little Corners)

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