Postponed Trip

It is pretty depressing that i always have to postponed our plans because it keeps on raining heavily these passed few weeks. We are actually planning to hit the so called “Pico De Loro” Mountain located at Maragondon Cavite. Maragondon is one of the oldest province in Cavite and most of the province is thickly forested. Pico De Loro mountain is one of the province major attractions. The place is very historical and this is the place where Andres Bonifacio died. No wonder why the place is such a big hit especially for the tourist and researchers who want to explore the history  and the story behind the so called Andres Bonifacio assassination.

We really want to visit this place and I will definitely ask my cousin to bring his motorcycle to avoid any traffic and to reach our destination much faster. I will suggest that he install a motorcycle console to tract our location. I am not familiar with the place either so it is much better that we have a locator to avoid ourselves fro getting lost. Haha.

Anyway, i am hoping for a good weather next week so that we can make our plan possible. Wish us luck! Will share some photos after we get there.

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