Quick Healthy Recipes For my Nephews

I cooked my all time favorite “Pinakbet” yesterday to filled up my hungry stomach. “Pinakbet” is a popular Filipino dish. It is a native Ilocano dish in specific. There’s nothing really hard and special in cooking this kind of dish knowing that it’s just a mixture of stir fried vegetables. I definitely love this dish not just because I am an Ilocano but also because of being so nutritious and healthy. Now, I am having so much trouble. My nephews will be here tomorrow to spend their summer vacation with us. They’ve been here last year and I must say they broke my world into pieces. Taking care of them means putting your self to death.  Well, aside from being so naughty and noisy, they are fond of messing around the house. Of course, no one will clean their mess but me! But of all these mess and naughtiness of my nephews, I still love them and it is fun to be with them.

I am done cleaning their room already and there’s still one more thing to worry about ~ I don’t know what to cook for them tomorrow! Well, I wish I can serve “Pinakbet” for them but as you know, kids hate veggies so I have to think of any type of dish that they will surely love. Fried dishes will be quite boring so as soups. Good thing, I search some Quick healthy recipes online and I found a bunch of recipes at www.ivillage.com/food.

For sure they will love this great looking and great tasting “Chicken Lettuce Wraps.” It has lower calories, less fat and hearty dose protein. Well, I think I will be jumping out from my chair too just to have this one.

For dinner, it is perfect to try this light dish. They are Potato cakes. Just topped it with butter and presto! You got a great tasting and healthy dinner.

Well, I guess I have nothing to worry about my nephews anymore because these yummy dishes will sure to lessen my nephews’ noisiness as they will keep them selves busy in eating. That’s all for today! Happy blogging!

By the way if you are interested to know more about the recipes I’ve mentioned, just visit www.ivillage.com/food and see what else the site has to offer!

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