Regada Water Festival 2012 Part 3

I’ll be out today until tomorrow but I’m going to update my blogs first. I was invited to watch the Premiere of The Amazing Spiderman 3D. I won a pair of tickets and I am pretty excited to watch the film in theater. Anyway, I have here the rest of the photos from the recently held Regada Water Festival. (You can check my previous entries Here)regada festival 3

And so the firetrucks came in. This is what everybody is looking forward too. You’ll hear the traditional Firetrucks siren which is a signal that the event’s highlight is about to start. They began throwing and splashing water in the crowd.
regada festival 2

Another firetruck came in and did the same thing to please the crowd. It was such a nice experience. I’m sure everybody had so much fun except for those who loss their beloved gadgets (*wink *wink) LOL.
regada 4

If you decided not to attend the main Regada event, then here’s a typical scenario you can see. Just a quick reminder. During the Regada Festival, you have to manage your temper. If you’re a short tempered guy, then this event is not for you. You have to expect that someone will splash some water to you or hit you with their water guns. If you’ll be hitting the office, then better bring your rain coat or umbrella because there will be no valid excuses here. Better seal your gadgets inside a water proof plastic bag and same thing if you’re carrying paper documents.

I found this picture on the web showing how huge the crowd was during the Regada Water Festival. Now, i know why it is impossible for me to trace down who stole my camera haha.

This post concludes my Regada Water Festival Entry. I Hope you had so much fun and I’m hoping for a bigger and livelier Regada event next year! Cheers!

6 thoughts on “Regada Water Festival 2012 Part 3”

  1. sheohyan says:

    Wow! It was really happening. Now I learned more about Regada Water Festival.

  2. [SK] says:

    wow, congratulations on winning the tickets to the movie!! so it's a premiere right?? spiderman 3D, cool!!

  3. [SK] says:

    hehehe, it's always a nice idea to write your posts and scheduled them to publish while you are away right?? so that your readers won't miss you, haha~~

  4. [SK] says:

    wow, look at all the people!! they have all gone wild and crazy, splashing and spraying water to anyone near them, haha!! looks fun~~

  5. [SK] says:

    and it's very crowded also, all the people jamming there at the alley.. hahaha!! so everyone is touching everyone there and all feel wet, haha~~

  6. ohfishiee says:

    wow the crowd is too huge for me to squeeze in 🙂

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