Santacruzan 2016 In Cavite City


Unlike the traditional Flores De Mayo or Santacruzan, San Roque Parish Church of Cavite City offered something different this year. An unusual kind of procession was held yesterday (31st of May). Traditionally, Santacruzan is more like a religio-historical  beauty pageant that normally depicts  the finding of the True Cross by Queen Helena (Reyna Elena). In this procession, there will be a required formation or arrangement of participants starting from Methusela to Queen Helena. Interestingly, each of them carries their own symbols depending on the characters or Marian titles that they are trying to portray. What we have witnessed earlier is more like a Marian procession.

Our Lady of Solitude of Porta Vaga

The participants are no longer portraying any character and there is no Reyna Elena too. Instead, the participants are grouped by age (it started from kids to teens) and they are accompanied by different Marian images mounted on their flamboyant Caroza

Our Lady of Solitude of Porta Vaga

Prior to the procession, a special mass was held. As soon as it begins, a narrator will recite a brief history about each image. The procession was proceed by the canonically crowned image of Our Lady of Solitude of Porta Vaga.

Participants parading with their lovely gowns

The caroza of La Niña Maria


IMG_1166t20160531_164840t20160531_164923tIMG_1167tThe weather was not cooperating that time

Ina Poon Bato
La Divina Pastora
Our Lady of Lourdes


The Ladies of AVE MARIA20160531_170026t

The last participant on the parade, it is safe to assume that she is the Reyna Elena counterpart of the traditional Santacruzan
Our Lady of Peace And Good Voyage
The Image of Virgen Del Flores concluded the Parade/ Procession

2 thoughts on “Santacruzan 2016 In Cavite City

  • June 4, 2016 at 8:35 pm

    That image of virgen del Flores is my favorite. And those dresses!!! Omg I need one haha. They are a true piece of art. Do you see me going in the city here in Stockholm hahah?

  • June 9, 2016 at 3:59 pm

    just to let you know, i am a noob to this. i have never seen a santacruzan in my own eyes. i only see pictures about it. i wish i can. 🙂 gorgeous ladies parading! i like the gowns. i wish i can wear one too. hahaha!


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