Saying No!

“No“… it’s just two letters but it’s somewhat powerful. It could mean that you disagree on a certain statement. Sometimes we answer this if something is offered to us.
We have a different mind set as to the other nation. In foreign countries, if they tell you that it is a “No”, I must say, they really mean it.
However, we, Filipinos, have this attitude that if we are being asked of anything, we’ll provide indefinite answers…” even though we really mean “No”. This is what we call a soft “No” because inside of us we know for a fact that it is against our will, but because we value respect… we’ll just say “Maybe” or “I’ll check…”
So, here are some tips on saying “No”:
1. Keep in mind that you only have 24 hours in a day. It means that you need to choose carefully what offers are you going to accept. If you respond “Yes” to all things, you might have difficulties in meeting all your commitments.
2. Set your priorities. You don’t need to take all offers. Choose your responsibilities wisely. Follow things which are necessary and more important. Let’s say “No” to things that will not give much impact to our lives.
3. Trust the voice within. Listen to what your heart says. If you are uncomfortable taking the offer, better say “No”. Be true to yourself.
4. Do not forget the question “Why” while making a decision. Sometimes, people are afraid that if they say “No” other people would think bad about him/her. This is what we call Social Pressure. Saying “No” does not mean that you don’t respect the person who is giving an offer.
Saying “No”, I must say is a skill. It can be learned, practiced, honed and sharpened over time. So do not be afraid to say “No” if you really mean it.

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