The Benefits of Online Courses

My cousin is now a graduating high school student. He’s now spending his summer vacation with us. Yesterday, he mentioned to me that they had a career assessment last Friday. This made me ask him what course he is planning to take for college. He told me that he’s not yet sure on what course he should be taking in college and so he ask an advice from me. I am not good in giving advice so I just based my answer on my previous experiences. Just like him, I am so confused on what course I will take. There are plenty of course offered in colleges and it is hard to pick one. I told him to choose a course that will drive his passion. Just like what I did, teaching is my passion so I took Bachelor of Science in Education. He told me that he wanted to become a Nurse just like his brother who is now a professional head nurse in a hospital. I explained to him that once you’re there, there’s no way to go back or unless he’s willing to start from scratch again. I advised him to think of it first before deciding. Anyway, he still have one year to think of it and besides there are now available web based courses. So if I were him, I will take a medicine related course or medical coding training courses to help him out in his decision. BY taking those medical related courses online, he will then realized if this profession is right for him or not. Who knows, maybe he’ll become like his brother. I wish all the best for my cousin!

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