Mom’s Burnt Foot

PhotobucketYikes! Accidents can happen in the most unexpected time and place just like what happened to my mom’s left foot. As you can see (left photo), mom  burnt her left foot. She was actually pouring a boiling water to our thermos when the thermos accidentally fell on her left foot. We freaked out after hearing some noises in the kitchen. Her foot looks normal when we first saw it but after few hours, it started to become reddish so we advised her not to wash it with water or else she’ll get blisters. She wipe her foot with vinegar as first aid. I’m not sure if it’s the right thing to do or if vinegar is really a natural remedy for burns and if it’s effective enough to avoid blisters. She didn’t want to visit the health center at first no matter how hard we forced her. We bought some antibiotics and pain relievers for her. Photobucket

She bought an ointment too but i don’t think it’s quite effective. And so the condition of her foot became worst and blisters staring to appear which also peels her skin. Ouch! We were about to take her to a health center when a friend of her gave her another ointment. It is imported from India and according to her friend, it will heal her wounds immediately. And so my mom gave it a try. It has this cooling effect at first and the pain was quite lessened. A day after applying the ointment, the blisters vanished and the burnt foot started to get dry. She used it for 2 more days until the wound dried up completely. Mom is okay now but the wound left a big scar on her left foot.  By the way, I should thank her for allowing me to post her foot hehe.

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