The Igorots

Etnic Costume 2This picture was taken years ago. It was my cousin Christian “Ichan”( front right) and his classmates wearing Igorot costumes. Igorot are etnic groups here in our country and most of them are residing in the mountains of Cordillera and Caraballo. You can see a lot of Igorots in Baguio too. Anyway, the reason why my cousin is wearing an Igorot costume is because their school are paying tribute to Philippine Folk Dances which includes the famous Igorot dance. I remember we did this kind of dancing way back in high school for my MAPEH (Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health). The Igorot Dance is more of a ritual thing during those days (i’m not sure if they are still performing such acts today). How about you? Have you tried to wear the so called “Bahag”? Have you danced like Igorot for school activity?

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