Flytpack Celebrates Their First Year With Very Important Party!

If only traveling abroad is as easy as finding a jeepney ride then I could have explored the world in no time. Unfortunately, this is not the case and there’s just too many things to consider before you travel overseas and it is not the kind of thing that can be settled overnight. There goes the challenge of finding a cheap airfare and grabbing those promos to save a great amount of money.  This is followed by another challenge, looking for a perfect hotel accommodation that will suit both your needs and your budget. Not to mention the city tour packages that you must avail to utilized your time during your stay. Most of all, the most important thing that you have to consider when traveling overseas is your budget as you have to expect some unexpected expenses that will come along the way during your trip.

We are grateful enough that technology evolves rapidly which give us all the opportunity to enjoy our overseas trip in full extent. Smartphones for an instance can help us in so many ways during our trip but the only problem is the costly charges over the data roaming services. The expensive data roaming services usually hurt my budget and for a frugal and “budgetarian” traveler like me, I would rather switch my mobile data connection off and just hunt for a Wifi hotspots somewhere! Well, this is where Flytpack comes in! It is a Philippine Based Overseas network provider that aims to end the roaming woes that most travelers used to encounter.

What is Flytpack?
Flytpack offers travel add-on services to assist budget-concious tourists to maximize their travel plans. To address the main concern of jetsetters regarding roaming charges, they offer the so-called Flytpack Travel Wifi. It is basically a personal wireless modem that connects any WiFi-enabled devices to the internet with a secure network connection. This allows users to connect devices anytime and anywhere in such a surprising low price compare to the standard data roaming charges. The service could be availed for as low as Php200 per day which makes it easier for travelers to share travel memories to families and friends without comprising their budget!

Millenials used to engage themselves into travels and they are very much active with social media as well. Who doesn’t want to share that Instagram-worthy paradise or to share that wonderful adventure with their audiences / followers? Facebook Live and IG Stories are some of the most in-demand Social media features today allowing people to share their journey in real time! Of course, this can only be achieved if you are supported with reliable internet connection. With Flytpack Travel Wifi, you do not have to worry about that shocking data roaming charges and you do not need to spent fortune buying SIM Card credits and most of all, you do not need to hunt for WIFI hotspots because with your portable modem, you can connect any devices (whether laptop or smartphones) anytime you want. You can even share it with multiple devices all at the same time (amount of gadgets depends on the type of model you will receive)

How Does it Work?
Kindly refer to the image below!

Aside from Travel Pocket WIFI, Flytpack also offers Japan Rail pass, overseas SIM Cards and attraction tickets  at low price. To know more about Flytpack and their range of services, you can visit them at

Now here’s the fun part, Flytpack recently celebrated their first year anniversary by throwing a so-called Very Important Party to travel bloggers and social media influencers. I was grateful enough to be invited and to join them in this fun celebration. The event was held in Pitmaster’s Smokehouse BBQ in Kapitolyo, Pasig. Mr Immanuel Jay “Arjae” Avelino (Marketing Head of Flytpack) warmly welcomed us to the venue.
20170826_142907tInterestingly, we were treated like we’re traveling somewhere and a mock passport were issued to us. It is a simple gathering event packed with many engaging and fun activities brought by their sponsors. One thing I love the most is that it gave us a chance to meet fellow bloggers who share the same passion ~ travel! Mr Louis Looi Zheng Yang (Flytpack Country Manager) gave us a warm welcome before we kick off the event.
2017-08-31_03-00-50Mr Louis Looi Zheng Yang

Had our lunch before starting off with our activities. The mock passport is composed of four little pages with each dedicated to a certain country such us China, Japan, US and Europe. Apparently these are the places covered by Flytpack services. Interestingly, each country corresponds with a certain activity.
20170826_162041tWe went to Japan for our first activity. Each of us were given a white fan and painting materials and we were encouraged to paint whatever designs we want. Anyway, it took me awhile to figure out what exactly I want my fan to look like. Thanks to Google, I was able to look for a Kanji for Beautiful and for some unknown reason, i just came up with that yellow and red scheme which resembles some kind of fire from hell hahaha. Anyway, it took us by surprise that there is an actual price of free attraction tickets in Singapore… I should have exerted more effort haha but the winner actually deserves it! What he did was a masterpiece … we’re not worthy lols
20170826_162529tWe went to US for our second activity. We did the Flip Bottle challenge which recently became a very popular challenge in the country. The goal is simple, you just have to flip the bottle and the first ten who can successfully land the half-full bottle upright on its bottom will win the challenge.

We went to Europe for our third challenge. This time, we were grouped into different teams with eight members each. It’s a cup stack challenge but instead of cups, we will use a soda can. Each of us were given with Coffee Bean Sparkling Iced Tea Apple and the challenge is that before we can stack the cans, we need to consume them first. Our team failed to win the challenge but hey, it was absolutely fun!

Our fourth and last activity is the Domino Challenge sponsored by Flytpack. In this challenge, we will play the game with the same grouping and eahc of us were given with Flytpack Travel WIFI pouches. This is what the Travel Wifi Pouch looks like if ever you will rent one. Interestingly, the kind of router that you will receive is a surprise. The standard device pouch includes the router, the travel adapter and the charging cable. The router can actually serve as a power back too!
20170826_163605tAnyway, back to challenge. We were encouraged to arrange the pouches upright and arrange them in row and assemble them like a domino and then create a domino effect. The team who can finish the domino and make all the pouches fall will win the game.

Team One for the WIN! Okay not really haha we actually failed to win any of the group challenge lols but hey the most interesting part here is that I met new people and we certainly had fun!


Congratulations Flytpack for this milestone and more power to you! By the way, they have mentioned that in the next few months, they will include Cebu as part of their Travel Wifi services so that’s something to look forward to!

Here’s a quick message from Flytpack Country Manager , Louis Looi

For those who are interested (I’m personally excited to try their service very soon) you can also use my code FPMilton and get P100 off from your total bill on your next booking!

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