Thia is Out

Last week’s elimination result in American Idol was quite disappointing knowing that our very own Thia Megia left the show along with Naima Adedapo. I know that Thia is in danger though i am not expecting that she will be eliminated so early. Thia is such a great singer but she’s indeed really boring. Compare to Haley Reinhart and Stefano Langone who both has been patrons of the bottom 3 stools, Thia shows no improvement at all even she sings an upbeat song on the Motown Week.

Well, I’m sure there are so many future projects lined up for this girl. She’s still young and thereare so many opportunities to come. I would love to see in any of Disney Shows. I hope she visit us here too.

Anyway, the remaining top 9 will perform songs from Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I’m sure this will be another night for James Durbin. Speaking of this guy, i just hate the favoritism going around the show. I want Simon back! I’m sure he will not tolerate this favoritism thing fro the judges. Oh Steven Tyler is such a useless judge too.

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