Top East Coast Cities for Seafood Fanatics

The East Coast has some of the most amazing cities in the United States, providing a little something for everyone. One of the biggest features of the East Coast is the fantastic seafood, something made possible by the region’s close proximity to the Atlantic. Several cities on the East Coast make seafood their main claim to fame, meaning seafood lovers have plenty of locations to try. So what East Coast cities have the best seafood? Let’s find out.

Baltimore Inner Harbor (Image Credit: TripAdvisor)


One of the most famous things about Baltimore is the local crabs, so it’s no surprise to find Baltimore on this list. Despite some hard times, the city is still a major port in the United States and has a perfect location for fishing. High-quality seafood is caught in droves nearby the city, supplying Baltimore restaurants with plenty of ingredients. These restaurants do amazing work with fresh Maryland seafood, creating some of the best seafood dishes in the country. No matter what happens to Baltimore, it will always remain one of America’s premier seafood destinations. Whether you live in one of the Baltimore apartments for sale or are just visiting the city, you absolutely have to incorporate the local seafood into your diet.

Boston Harbor (Image Credit: WeddingWire


Another great harbor city for seafood in Boston, a city that has been known for its seafood for hundreds of years. Boston and Massachusetts as a whole is a great place to catch seafood, and there is a plethora of freshly caught seafood in the area. Thankfully restaurants in the New England area have lots of experience handling fresh seafood and know how to get the most out of it. For this reason, you’ll find a handful of amazing seafood restaurants in Boston as the city stands out as one of the best seafood cities in the country.

Charleston Downtown (Image Credit: HandLuggageOnly)


While the Northeast gets most of the fame when it comes to seafood, the South is almost just as good. One of the biggest parts of Southern U.S seafood is Charleston, a fantastic destination for seafood. Located in South Carolina, the city has always been a fishing hub of great importance. Like all the cities on this list, the influx of fresh high-quality seafood spawned a variety of great seafood restaurants. In Charleston, amazing seafood meets Southern comfort cooking, making Charleston seafood an absolute must-have.

Spruce St. Harbor Park

Spruce Street Harbor Park (Image Credit: City of Philadelphia)


Many people might not think of Philadelphia as a premier seafood destination, but the city has some amazing offerings. The city isn’t that far away from the Atlantic coast, so fresh seafood isn’t that uncommon. Famous seafood restaurants like Pearl’s Oyster Bar and Oyster House have had long histories of success in the city. Although it may not have the reputation that Baltimore or Boston has, Philadelphia is still a fantastic location to get seafood.

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