What Did I Just Captured?

Going back to my recent trip at Sta Cruz Parish in Tanza. Exploring the Convent Museum was so fun and very educational at the same time. I learned a lot about Tanza and the history that occurred in that place. When I got home, I’m excited to check all the pictures and while I was checking them, one of the photos took my attention.

I captured this photo twice, one with effects and the other one with no effects at all. The photo above is the one with effects while the picture below is the one with no effects. P7130238Notice the difference? Can you look closely to that mirror on the right side? My sister noticed it first and for her it looks like an image of a man.. it really freaks me out actually O_O
Untitledg Here’s a zoomed image. What do you think? Did I just captured a ghost? Yikes!

6 thoughts on “What Did I Just Captured?”

  1. Jonathan says:

    I am about to sleep and I am looking at this. Old or ancient things always have a history behind them, maybe, there is a reason for the sighting. Booo!

  2. Libby says:

    Lucky I cannot figure out the man in the mirror, if not I sure cannot sleep

  3. [SK] says:

    errr.. the photos are too small to see anything.. on which part of that furniture is the mirror?? and cannot figure out what’s in the mirror even after zoomed in.. hahaha!!!

  4. small kucing says:

    am freaking creeped by it…..gosh…reminds me next time not to look too closely on any photo that i captured in historical places or place with loads of antiques.

    Yes, have heard of story where certain spirits cannot cross over and is attached to a place or certain antiques objects.

  5. foongpc says:

    I can’t really see any man in the mirror. Not very clear to me. Could be just a trick of the light maybe? 🙂

  6. foongpc says:

    But if it is a ghost, maybe you should go there again to take another picture. Hahaha!

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