How to Write Essay About Your Travel?

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The secret is in approaching your paper as you would approach a blog post, rather than an academic paper. What would you write on your travel blog about the trip you’ve just had? That’s probably the information you should include in your travel essay, albeit you’ll have to organize it in a different way.

What should you include in such a travel essay? You have the freedom, of course, and also your paper prompts, but some things are a natural fit in a travel essay. Here are but a few of them:

The people

Differences between cultures are always an exciting topic to explore, even at the level of everyday human interactions. That’s why if you’ve had interesting encounters and unusual experiences connected to people, you should definitely describe them in your paper. How do they differ? How does it feel to be in a different cultural paradigm? Would a person from your culture fit easily into a different cultural environment? You are allowed to make assumptions based on your experience in this country, however brief.

The values

They say an Italian will choose the ability to meet friends and eat pizza every day over working himself to death to buy a new house. Different cultures have different values, obviously, and sometimes they are just opposite. How do people in the country you have visited treat things that are important for Americans? Do they aim for high income and a workaholic life? Do they value family and friends? Do they seek happiness over stability? This topic is rather deep – in a travel essay, you are likely to just scratch the surface.

The cuisine

The food that people eat often defines their character. It’s not by chance that southern nations that love hot food are so strong in expressing their feelings. And it’s not by chance that there are similarities in the mentality of northerners that live by the cold sea. The food reflects the way people view life and its purpose. The way people eat shows how they want to live their life – at their work desk and in a hurry for Americans, or slowly and accompanied by their family and friends for Italians. These two approaches are absolutely different – and so are the people that maintain it.

 The language

If there is one more thing that can tell a lot about people and culture of a certain country, it’s the language. The difference between you singular and you plural, articles, genders, different counting suffixes for different objects (talking Japanese here), tones, and sentences that can be expressed by a single word – all of those are a bright description of people who invented it. Compare the rigid, determined efficiency of German with the spelling and grammar redundancy of French. Behavioral linguistics considers language to be not only an instrument to give your thoughts a defined shape, but also an instrument of producing thought itself. As crazy as it sounds, it could be right to a certain degree.

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  • December 9, 2017 at 4:18 pm

    I think that when writing essays and others, the same questions are always asked. Who, what, why, how, when. Those questions are often the basis or the core of an article. At least, in most cases. With that being said, one can conclude that the four points you raised – people, values, cuisine, and language, should fall under Who. Right?


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