A Trip to Kamay ni Hesus Shrine Part 1 : A Healing Mass With Father Faller

It seems that I’m starting to fulfill my dream to become a Travel Blogger haha. The places are not that far but that’s a great stepping point right? Two weeks ago,  I was invited by my cousins to join them on their trip at Lucban Quezon. They were actually aiming to visit the well known “Kamay ni Hesus” which was recently featured in one of the local tv shows here.


Kamay ni Hesus (Hands of Jesus) is a popular pilgrimage during Holy Week. The popular Kamay ni Hesus Shrine is actually constructed on the slope of Mount Banahaw. The church is located not too far from the shrine and is headed by Father Joey Faller. I’m sure you are very familiar with him because the Holy Eucharist Mass is aired live every Sundays at ABS CBN.

PhotobucketSince it is located in Lucban Quezon, it is very ideal to visit the place during May 15 because the well known Pahiyas Festival is being celebrated on this place. Unfortunately, we came here on the wrong time because the Pahiyas Festival is 4 days away from the day we arrived but we did have so much fun and we felt so blessed to be here. Sorry, but i can’t tell you how to go here because I was with my cousins and they have their own car so i can’t tell which way to go if you’re going to commute from Manila to Quezon. You might try to search it online for a more reliable instructions.

Anyway, we went to the church first to attend the early healing mass by Father Joey Faller. It was a healing mass. Father Joseph (Joey) Faller is known for his wonderful gift from God. He devoted himself to the Healing Ministry. In 1993, it was claimed that Father Faller, was able to heal a paralyzed woman after being prayed over by him. Since then, several miracles happened. (You can check Father Joey Faller‘s official site here).Photobucket(The Healing Mass)

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