FarmVille Adventure Part 2

Hi everyone, here’s the continuation of my FarmVille Adventure. This time it goes Drama! I really don’t know why but every time that we’re visiting their place, it’s like they’re having feast, a celebration where almost every residents of their barangay are invited. Their harvesting some of their crops and veggies!and kill some of their animals just for the celebration.

Now here’s the drama, I have my sister with me and she definitely enjoy every moment we spent in our Uncle’s farm. She saw one of the sheep taken out from the cage. I know already what will happen nest to that sheep but my sister insist to ask what’s going on. My Tito Benny told him that they will kill the sheep and serve it for the occasion. She went very scared and terrified then suddenly she cried out loud.
She’s just crying the whole day and refuse to eat some of the dishes served by our cousins. She thought that all dishes served are from the sheep’s meat but it’s actually for adults only. They will serve it as “Pulutan” Since then, every dinner she keep on asking what kind of meat was served for her before eating.. haha

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