Asbestosis Causes and Prevention

Have you heard of the disease known as “Asbestosis”? As what the term connotes, it is a respiratory illness that is caused by too much inhalation and retention of Asbestos Fiber. Interestingly, this inflammatory medical condition is being tagged as an Occupational lung disease because most of the patient who have Asbestosis are those who are working on the production of products containing asbestos. Most of these jobs are related to some heavy duty production such as mining, manufacturing, and even heavy building construction. ¬†Asbestosis can lead to other fatal illnesses such as Lung Cancer and Mesothelioma.

This is the reason why workers working under such field strictly comply with safety precautions. They are extremely required to wear safety protection and since we are referring to a harmful particle that can be inhaled, wearing respirators is definitely a must! There are different types of respirators that can be used for certain type of works. This includes Powdered Air Purifying Respirator, or simply papr respirator that is effectively designed to provide an extra layer of protection that even most powerful mask filters don’t have. This military-grade respirator is not just design to protect you from harmful particle but also to provide comfort. It is designed to help users breathe easier which makes it even more ideal for people who suffers from respiratory-related health issues.¬† There are also some special masks like 3m n95 that are exclusively made to protect you against those oil based aerosol products, others are made for welders while some are created for workers who are always exposed to asbestos.

If the place itself turned to an unsafe working environment and if it also affecting the lives of people residing nearby, the chemicals must be removed completely to avoid any devastating aftermath. Take note that removal procedures are done by professionals. These are specialized service and they are using special tools and they underwent trainings to perform such procedure. For instance, if the company is based in New Zealand, they can simply look for an auckland asbestos removal service companies to do the job.

If the company failed to provide such measure and if any of the employees contracted diseases like Mesothelioma, the company should be accountable. Workers can go through mesothelioma claim evaluation so they can go through legal process and receive the benefits or the compensation they deserve. Be mindful that Mesothelioma is a fatal illness that could leave a huge impact to someone’s life. They should always be accompanied by specialized lawyer to help them win legal battle against these big companies

In addition to masks and filters, wearing gloves is also something that must be highly considered to protect workers from direct contact and exposure to harmful chemicals like asbestos. Suppliers like unigloves offer industrial safety gloves to help prevent skin exposure to harmful chemicals. Similar to masks, many safety gloves have been specifically designed for different purposes. In addition to chemical resistant gloves, there are electrically insulating gloves, cut resistant gloves, thermal gloves, and disposable gloves that are widely used today in observance of the pandemic. Therefore, you need to check carefully that the type of gloves you are acquiring is resistant to asbestos and is not made for another purpose.

Aside from wearing the correct safety gear, it is also important to place the chemical products into the right storage. This must be part of the company’s standard operating procedure to ensure the safety of everyone. There must be specific type of cabinet to store flammable liquids and corrosive substances. Just like the line of products offered by STOREMASTA, a reputable company in Australia that offers wide range of store cabinets, they have different set of cabinets that are built to store specific type of products, including those for chemicals that are spontaneously combustible and for those that should be kept dry at all costs.

A safe working environment is something  every industrial company should prioritize. It should meet all the requirements and pass the environmental quality to make sure that everyone is safe and free from any possible exposure to harmful chemicals like asbestos. This is often done by certified companies that have all the skills and equipment to perform a thorough environmental site assessments similar to the asbestos test san antonio, Texas-based company RSB Environmental has. They have been around for more than a decade and have been providing a wide range of services from environmental compliance to various assessments and even Asbestos surveys to secure safety.

Keep in mind that safety should always be your top priority and you have to make sure that your company offers a health and life insurance for your own good.

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