Beat The Last Heat With These Top Pinoy Summer Coolers

Summer is about to end yet we can still feel the heat so before we bid goodbye to this hot season, allow me to list down some of the top Pinoy Summer coolers, perfect thirst-quenchers that will surely beat the heat in no time. These well known Filipino refreshments can be found in any part of the country. You can see vendors around your neighborhood or you can also purchase them at malls and other restaurants as well.

1. Halo-Halo
pfjtttFirst on our list is the famous Halo-halo. A popular Pinoy Dessert which literally means “Mixed Together” or “Mix-Mix”. It is basically a shaved Ice dessert with a mixture of different ingredients including beans, sago (tapioca), Gulaman (Agar-agar), Coconuts strips, Ube, rice krispies, banana and more. There are wide variety of Halo Halo in the country and people can utilize all kinds of fruits in this dessert. This includes milk as well and you can even top it with ice cream to make it more flavorful. The image above is a Halo-Halo from Mang Inasal.

2. Sago’t Gulaman
ssfsdad Price wise, Sago’t Gulaman is way cheaper than Halo-halo yet it offers a different kick or flavor. This is basically a sugar based refreshment. It is made of Brown Sugar, Water, shaved ice, Gulaman (agar) and Sago (tapioca). The brown sugar is diluted with water, boiled and mixed thoroughly while in high heat. Mixed the cooked Sago and Gulaman (diced) with the shaved ice and pour the brown sugar syrup (we called it “Arnibal”. Some will even put Pandan Flavor to it to make it tasteful.

3. Snow Cone
lojdmn Another yummy set simple Pinoy refresher is the Snow cone! It’s another shaved Ice dessert but with no ingredients to it. It has shaved ice poured with flavored juices. You can add random fruit juices much like this Rainbow Snow Cone from Masatami and drizzled it with condensed milk. Some people add clear liquors to it too.

4. Sorbetes “Dirty Ice Cream”
P4261582t Here comes another iconic Pinoy Summer cooler that you shouldn’t miss! Sorbetes or also known as the “Dirty Ice cream” is uniquely made from coconut milk, unlike other iced desserts that are made from animal milk. The dessert is usually served with small wafer or sugar cones but others also served it in cups and even in buns. Although the term says Dirty, Sorbetes is not really dirty at all., I’m sure why the term dirty was coined to this dessert but all I can tell is that it is one kind of refreshment that always bring my childhood memories back!

5. Avocado Shake
P4131199Avocado Shake is one kind of cool dessert that can be prepared easily at home. This thick, rich and creamy shake can be done in few minutes. All you need are ripe avocado fruits, milk, ice and sugar. Simply blend the avocado along with some crushed or shaved ice and milk in your blender or even your mixer. You can manually mashed the avocado as well. Once you get everything mixed together, you can either put it on the fridge for few minutes to get chilled and viola! You got this creamy and refreshing smoothie!

6. Saging Con Yelo (Banana with Ice)
zxcvfs If you see a Halo-Halo vendor, they probably offer Saba Con Yelo too. It is a sweetened banana (plantain or saba) mixed with shaved ice and milk. It can also be mixed with small tapioca and like what my mother usually do, she cooked it with “Balinghoy” or Cassava.

7. Ice Candy
P4261585t Undeniably the cheapest of them all. Ice Candies can be purchased anywhere around your neighborhood which is worth around 2Php to 5Php depending on the flavor. It is a dessert on the go, a frozen dessert that kids will surely love. You can even make a bunch of them at home for your kids and you can experiment with so many flavors too!

13 thoughts on “Beat The Last Heat With These Top Pinoy Summer Coolers”

  1. Urvi says:

    Ice candy and snow cone are my favorite

    1. adminblue says:

      thanks for dropping by Urvi

  2. [SK] says:

    OMG, i really love this post!!! by just looking at these icy desserts, i am already feeling cooler, hahaha!!! i would love to try them actually, they look rather interesting.. and i can see some of those are quite similar to what we have here too.. 🙂

    1. adminblue says:

      thanks SK.. summer is ending here so better grab this coolers now hehe

  3. mun says:

    All of them are so cooling to eat on a hot day. The banana one is really special because i don’t think we have it here.

    1. adminblue says:

      oh you don’t have plantains in malaysia or only this dessert in particular?

  4. Atish Ranjan says:

    I love to have delicious good whether in summer or winter. It always great to have some great delicious food.

    Halo halo looks great to me. Thanks for sharing

    1. adminblue says:

      thanks Atish

  5. stevevhan says:

    Anu ba Milton? ahahahha, ang sasarap! pero ang pinakadabest sakin yung halo halo syempre at avocado shake, pero mas prefer ko ang mango (na maasim asim) shake or clamansi shake (i tried doing a shake using Nesfruta dalandan + milk) perfect ang naging lasa.

    By the way, I added you in my exchange links. To know more about this surprise, please visit this URL:

    1. adminblue says:

      mukang masarap nga yung Calamansi huh.. matry nga

  6. halo-halo and avocado shake, my faves! have some ice candies on the fridge right now, want some? haha

    anyway, top 5 blog also yours? got confused with the url, followed it from your twitter account, you’re Milton right?

    1. adminblue says:

      Yes Tal, the Top Five Blog is also mine hehe, that’s my first blog actually.. and yes Milton is my name ^_^

  7. great to know about the diff kind of desserts available at yr end! All of them looks so interesting. I esp like the halo halo and dirty ice cream! thanks for the info 🙂

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