Chowkings SuperSangkap Halo-Halo and Milky White Halo-Halo #Chowking

After our small snack at Aguinaldo Shrine, we decided to have our lunch in Chowking at SM Bacoor. I just actually wanted to try their new Milky White Halo-halo that time. We had their Family Lauriat meal which was quite too much for the three of us. The Family Lauriat includes 6pcs of Chinese style Fried Chicken, Chopsuey, Pancit Canton, 3 Rice and 3 drinks. Of course, our Chowking meal cannot be completed with their SuperSangkap Halo-halo and their new Milky White Halo-Halo.
The SuperSangkap Halo-Halo has an overwhelming amount of ingredients to it including the white beans, red beans, jackfruit strips (langka), sweetened saba (plantain), gulaman, sago, pinipig (rise krispies), macapuno, leche flan, Ube and a scoop of Ice cream.
P4211446t┬áSuper Sangkap Halo-Halo is worth 110Php. I always thought that Chowking’s Supersangkap Halo-halo is their very own version of the famous Digman Halo-Halo in Cavite except for the fact that it doesn’t have Sweet potato in it.
P4211452t Tadah! Here’s their Milky White Halo-halo which has less ingredients compare to their Supersangkap. P4211451t Chowking’s Milky White Halo-halo is filled with sweetened Saba, macapuno,leche flan, pinipig, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with caramel syrup. Interestingly, it milk tastes like Haw-Haw candy but in a good way. If SuperSangkap is Chowking’s Digman version, I thought Milky White is more like their version of Razons.
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4 thoughts on “Chowkings SuperSangkap Halo-Halo and Milky White Halo-Halo #Chowking

  • June 3, 2015 at 4:25 pm

    I have been to Chow King while in Manila. Forgot what I ate there though. OK must refer to my blogposts about Manila haha!

  • June 5, 2015 at 5:04 pm

    I want to try the supersangkap halo halo – so very colourful! Must be cooling and delicious!


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