Daan Ng Krus The Musicale 2019 by Teatro Mensaheros

It’s been awhile since the last time I have seen a theater play. Although I missed being part of Teatro Pinas, I decided to focus my blog on certain niches and apparently, Entertainment is no longer part of it but I really don’t mind writing movies and theater reviews from time to time. I am not a frequent theater-goer but I have seen lots of decent local theater plays especially from well-established theater groups like Philippine Stages Foundation (Katips, Popepular, Obra ni Juan) and my all-time favorite Gantimpala Theater Foundation (Kanser, El Filibusterismo, Florante at Laura and Ibong Adarna).
Interestingly, just few days ago, I was grateful enough to witness another local play from my very own hometown. Daan ng Krus The Musicale 2019 is a musical play by Teatro Mensaheros de San Antonio that retells the story and passion of Jesus Christ from the time he was born, crucified, died and resurrected.

Behind Teatro Mensaheros

Teatro Mensaheros is relatively new. The group was founded in 1994 and they were able to produce various plays such as Daan ng Krus, Ang Pasko ni Mr Kamkam, Si Rizal, Ang Labintatlong Martir Atbp to name a few. This Church-based community theater group was founded by Mr Jose Jeffrey Camañag who’s also the brilliant writer and the director behind the Daan ng Krus musical while Mr Jesse Lucas composed the music for the play.

Tracing back its humble beginning, the first Daan ng Krus Musical was performed as a one-act play by the San Antonio de Padua Church choir in 1993 in which Roeder Camañag (Jeffrey’s brother) portrays the role of Jesus. Take note that Teatro Mensaheros is a non-profit theater company and the admission for Daan ng Krus, even today, is absolutely free. The annual Live Via Crucis of Cavite City which recently celebrated its 45th year was the inspiration behind the Daan Ng Krus Musical.
Instead of the traditional passion play, Camañag decided to transform it into a musical. From a one-act play, Daan ng Krus eventually expanded into two-act musical of one-and-a-half hour long. Marking its 25th year, Daan ng Krus The Musicale has come a long way and was able to dramatically transformed itself from a simple passion play to a well-crafted musical with quality and heart.

Daan ng Krus The Musicale 2019

Teatro Mensaheros restages the Daan ng Krus The Musicale in various venues. The play is still written and directed by Jose Jeffrey Camañag with music by maestro Jesse Lucas. They started off with Our Lady of the Pillar Seminary in Imus, Cavite as a Fund Raising event for the Benefit of the continuous development of the seminary last April 6.

The Free-admission shows officially kicked off last April 11 in San Antonio Parish in Cavite City followed by another performance in St. Francis of Assisi Church in General Trias Cavite before moving to their Manila venues. Unlike the annual Live Via Crucis in Cavite City, Daan Ng Krus The Musicale 2019 begins with the annunciation of Mary and the nativity of Jesus.
The Annunciation. Mary was played by Tex Ordoñez De Leon
I personally appreciate the fact how they managed to utilized such small space to accommodate such huge cast and props. It reminds me how cleverly the Ateneo Blue Rep staged their Addams Family Musical in their less-spacious RMT (Rizal Mini Theater). [Check my Review here]. Despite the limited space, the production was crafted really well. We were introduced with nicely choreographed dances and music. After the nativity, it quickly transitioned to the adult Jesus (Roeder Camañag).
Jesus and Mary
DSCF6920tSince most of the cast has been on the show since the very beginning, you can really tell how much they have mastered their respective roles. I didn’t get the chance to ask for the song titles but each music where nicely inputted in each scene to set the right emotion and mood to the audience.
DSCF6935tDaan ng Krus The Musicale 2019 will retell the life and passion of our Savior Jesus Christ. All the events depicted on the 14 Way of the Cross Stations will be covered by the play but in an impressive phasing. It’s definitely not the kind of play the breaks from one station to another.

Here are some stills from Daan ng Krus The Musicale 2019
Jesus and the 12 Apostles
Claudia, Peter, Jesus, Judas and the rest of the Apostles
DSCF7012ttJesus – Roeder Camañag
The anointing of Jesus with Mary Magdalene (played by Rica Laguardia)
The priests of Sanhedrin with High Priest Caiaphas played by Gian Paolo Gabuco
The Sanhedrin
Mary (played by Tex Ordoñez De Leon).
Jesus and Peter (played by Ronald Concepcion)
DSCF7113tttDemon (Cyril Balderama) and Barabbas (played by Allan Raey Goodfellow Alfonso)
Barabbas get caught
Jesus cleared the temple of the moneychangers and animal-sellers
The Betreyal of Judas (played by Rommel Aratan)
Judas bribed by Annas (played by Leo Ponseca)
The Agony of Jesus
Jesus in front of Pontius Pilate (played by Vince Macapobre).
People chose to save Barabbas over Jesus.
The denial of Peter
Judas hangs himself
Jesus was crowned with Thorns
Jesus carries his cross
Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry his cross
Jesus was crucified
The sorrowful Mary
The resurrection of Jesus

It was indeed a well-crafted production with engaging music and well-choreographed performances. The actors did a tremendous job in portraying their respective roles. If you want to catch Daan ng Krus The Musicale 2019, here are the following schedules:

April 18, 2019 – Valenzuela People’s Park @ 7PM 

April 20, 2019 – Concert at the Park – Luneta Park @7PM

Admission for their last two shows are FREE

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