The Festival Of Lights in Ayala Triangle Gardens (2017)

We only have few weeks left before the much awaited Holiday of the year! You can already feel the spirit of Christmas almost everywhere. A lot of Christmas attractions were opened for everyone to embrace (Check: Top 10 Christmas Attractions Near The Metro That You Should Visit This Holiday). Among these wonderful attractions is the annual Festival Of Lights in Ayala Triangle Gardens.

Ayala Triangle Gardens is once again filled with colorful flickering lights that are dancing in joyful Christmas music.  The Festival of Lights has become a tradition to many whether those busy individuals who want to feel amused after their stressful work or for those who are looking for a perfect family bonding moment! The Festival of Lights never failed to put joy in our hearts!
Opened last November 9, the luscious trees of Ayala Triangle Gardens are once again covered with Christmas lights which are specially engineered to dance with various Christmas medleys! The light show is even accompanied with visually striking laser lights and haze/ smoke machines to add more amazing effects for the visitors own delight!

Much like the newly opened Vertis Northern Lights (Check: The First Ever Lights and Sounds in Quezon City : The Vertis Northern Lights), the show will start at 6pm sharp until 10 pm with 30 minutes interval. The lights and sounds show will last for more or less 15 minutes. It features 3 different Christmas medleys made by three different composers.

The musical medleys have three distinct themes – Pinoy Fiesta by Roy del ValleTraditional Christmas by Von de Guzman, and Techno Christmas by Tris Suguitan. Similar music featured in Vertis Northern Lights. Each one boasts of a different mood, pace, and rhythm, while retaining the Christmas cheer that brings people together and envelopes everyone in the spirit of the season.

Restaurants and food stalls are also located near the said Christmas Attraction which makes it an ideal place to drop by. And most of all, it is Freely accessible to everyone! The Festival of Lights is open everyday from 6pm to 12pm from November 29 to January 8!


How to Get to Ayala Triangle Gardens Makati

If you are coming from MRT Ayala station, take a jeepney with signboard Washington, alight after passing by Ayala Triangle (the proper unloading zone) right after passing Ninoy Aquino Monument at the corner of Ayala Avenue and Paseo de Roxas

From MRT Buendia station, board buses with signboard Ayala/LRT/Leveriza, ask the driver/ conductor to drop you off at Paseo/PBCOM, get off the bus then take the Ayala Avenue underpass to Ayala Triangle

From LRT Gil Puyat Station, board a bus with signboard Ayala/Rustans then alight when the conductor shouts Paseo/PBCOM, get off the bus then take the underpass to Ayala Triangle

If you are coming from the south, after dropping by either in Tambo (Coastal) or Baclaran, ride a bus with signboard Ayala/LRT/Leveriza and drop off to Paseo/PBCOM, then get off the bus then take the underpass to Ayala Triangle

Feel free to watch the video below

One thought on “The Festival Of Lights in Ayala Triangle Gardens (2017)

  • December 8, 2017 at 11:38 am

    I particularly love Ayala during this season and the flickering Christmas lights are like a balm that soothes tired travelers traversing this road, especially late at night or the wee hours of the morning. I so miss seeing these lights as I’ve never seen them since I resigned from work about 7 years ago. I sure hope I can check this spectacle out with my little man. I have been meaning to go every year but we never find the time to do so. I hope this year will finally be the year we make it here!


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