I’m into Books now!

PhotobucketHonestly, i am really not into book because I do not have the patience to read those image-less and highly compressed texts from one page to another. But after a colleague lend me one of his books, I felt like i was obliged to read it and so i did. It took me a month I think for that book and that’s when i realized how interesting and how rewarding it was when you were able to finish a novel. I was like so excited to read another one and is now rooting for its upcoming installment. It’s so fun to read and I must say that it’s more thrilling than watching their movie adaptations. At first, i thought that buying a book would be such a waste of money considering that I rarely read one but now, i think it’s something worth buying for. I am more into Sci fi, Mystery or other fictional stories ( something like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings but PLEASE keep me away from those Romantic Vampire stories…i’m tired of that story line LOL!). Anyway, have a great day guys and Happy Friday to you.

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