Items to Bring when hiking

 photo Img00185.jpgWhenever we go hiking, I try to make sure that we bring everything that we need. I used to have my own checklist and I used to do it in a very comprehensive manner, listing down almost everything from those basic materials down to those simple yet valuable items. So what are the items that are always included on my list?

First Aid – Accidents may occur in your most unexpected time and considering the fact that we are located in a place that is way far from the city or a town, having a first aid kit is indeed a necessity. I am not the most trained medic in our group but at least I know those basic procedures when an accident occurred.

Extra Foods and Clothes – We need some strength to keep ourselves active so apart from the first aid kit, it is also important to stock some ready to eat foods and some clothes to wear on.

Flash Lights and Batteries – Whenever we hike, it used to take two days and one night and therefore, we need a flash light to help us during the night. Yes, we used to set a camp fire but it wouldn’t last for long. We used to bring a small battery-operated transistor too to keep us updated especially about the weather. It is very important to bring extra batteries to make these items more functional. I used to have those rechargeable batteries because they last pretty long and it is very practical too, knowing that I can use them over and over again. A battery with an impressive capacity is very important to me and Maha Powerex is one of the brand that managed to meet all my expectations. You can check more about maha powerex here

Whistle – In case of emergency, whistle is your key to call the attention of you other members easily. It is one of the most important items that I learned to bring with from my boyscout coach way back in high school.

Hiking Gears – Of course, you are not going to hike without arming yourself with appropriate hiking gears. You must equip yourself with right gears including a reliable and durable trekking shoes, trekking poles and clothes that are specially designed for hiking. Of course, you should also bring an appropriate Hiking Backpack to carry all your hiking necessities.  Consider the size and the weight of your things and pick the right bag to carry them!
IMG_0256t Enjoy hiking!

And now that it is summer, we are currently planning to do some hiking activity. Cheers!

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