Municipality of Tanza Celebrates their 6th LoHiTor Festival

The Municipality of Tanza is probably known to many for its festive Feast of Tata Usteng (Saint Augustine) which is being celebrated every 28th of August. An overwhelming amount of devotees usually gather to celebrate this annual tradition. Interestingly, aside from this celebration to honor the town’s patron saint, Tanza is also commemorating the day when the municipality earned its name, an annual celebration which was later named as “Araw ng Tanza“.

Tracing back the town’s rich history, Tanza was formerly part of San Francisco de Malabon (now General Trias, Cavite). Tanza became an organized community in 1752 and in 1760, the administrator of the friar estate built a big residence and a granary beside it, which residents called Estancia or a place for vacation. The Santa Cruz de Malabon became an independent town in 1910. In 1914, however, the Act No 2390 changed the town’s name into Tanza. So this year marks the town’s 105th Founding Anniversary.
In celebration of their 105th Anniversary, the town held numerous activities. One of which includes the recently concluded “LoHiTor Festival“. Celebrated every 27th or 28th of February, LoHiTor festival features a colorful float parade which coincides with other festive activities within that day.

Unlike other festivals in the province of Cavite such as the Regada of Cavite City or the Paru-Paro Festival of DasmariƱas, LoHiTor Festival of Tanza is relatively new. The festival was first launched in 2014 as part of the town’s centennial celebration. The term LoHiTor is basically a portmanteau for Lobo (Balloon), Higante (Giant) and Toro (Bull). It’s been a tradition for the people of Tanza to feature Lobo, Higante and Toro during their Fiesta. They fly Sky Lanterns at night every August in celebration of the town’s Feast Day. Higante is more like the Higantes Festival of Angono while Toro reminds me of old Cavite tradition where a Bull mascot armed with fireworks and chase the people around. Both were also celebrated during Feast Day of Tanza (every August).
Since LoHiTor Festival is celebrated every February, the float parade will not actually feature Lobo or Higantes or Toro but more like a commemoration to some of the notable celebrations, achievements and rich history of Tanza. It was one educational parade that allows you to learn everything about Tanza from its rich history to some of its popular people.

LoHiTor Festival 2019 featured 19 colorful floats. Each was represented by different schools in Tanza. So without any further ado, here are the colorful floats that graced the streets of Tanza for the annual LoHiTor Festival.
DSCF2804tFloat 1 : Santa Cruz de Malabon Church and Felipe G Calderon by Julugan Elementary School. Felipe G Calderon is also known as the “Father of Malolos Constitution”
Float 2 : The Church and Convent of Tanza 1780 by Punta Elementary School
Float 3 : San Agustin De Tanza by Capipisa Elementary School
Float 4 : The Miracles of Saint Augustine in the town of Tanza by Maximino V Pangilinan Elementary School
Float 5 : The Procession and Karakol of San Agustin in Tanza by Tanza National Comprehensive High School
Float 6 : Estancia by Florentino Joya Elementary School
Float 7: The Oath in Tanza by Amaya Elementary School
You can actually visit the actual room where this historical oath of Emilio Aguinaldo took place. Check : The Sta Cruz Convent Museum
Float 8: Casa Hacienda De Tanza by Paradahan Elementary School
There’s also another Casa Hacienda in Naic (a neighboring town of Tanza). You might want to check: Casa Hacienda of Naic.
Float 9 : Antero S Soriano by Felipe Calderon Elementary School
Antero Soriano was a Philippine Senator and was a Governor of Cavite during Manuel L Quezon’s administration.
Float 10: Atty Florentino Joya by Sanja Mayor Elementary School
The man behind the Act No 2390 definitely deserves a recognition
Float 11: Mars Ravelo by Gregorio B Fojas Memorial School
Definitely one of the most popular personalities from Tanza. Mars Ravelo brought us some of the iconic Pinoy Superheroes like Darna, Dyesabel, Captain Barbell and Lastikman.
Gracing their float are Mars Ravelo’s famous comic creations.
Float 12: The Popular People of Tanza by Halayjay Elementary School
Float 13: Farmers, Fishermen of Tanza by Amaya School of Home Industries
Float 14: Josefino Cenizal by Tres Cruses Elementary School
Josefino Cenizal is known for composing songs like “Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit” with Levi Celerio, “Hindi Kita Malimot” and many more.
Float 15 : LoHiTor Festival by Antonio B Del Rosario Elementary School
Float 16: The Legend of Pancit Estacion by Tanza National Trade School
Float 17 : The Story of Kalandrakas and Sopas Tanza by Bienvenido Fojas Elementary School
Float 18: The Story of the Rails in Tramo by Flaviana F Arayata Elementary School
Float 19: Tanza Tungo sa Pagbabago by Sta Cruz (Bucal) Elementary School

The float parade started from the Sta Cruz Parish (Diocesan Shrine of Saint Augustine) to the Municipal Hall where the Zumbarangay Street Dance Fitness Parade also took place. On the same day, a Music Festival was also held with Parokya ni Edgar as one of the performers along with other popular bands.

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