Ozine Fest 2012 Part 3 : Best and Worst Cosplayers at Ozine Fest

Time for another Cosplay post. I know guys that some of you are not so aware about this event but let me take this opportunity to share some interesting information about cosplay. Anyway, this is the third part of my Cosplay series. We’ve seen the usual cosplayers and their lovely outfits, we’ve seen those creative mecha cosplayers as well from my previous entry and now, let me take this chance to pick the best and the worst cosplayers from the recently held Ozine Fest 2012. The rankings are based on my own opinion as an avid cosplay fan so please don’t take it offensively because the following opinions are expressed generally for entertainment purposes.


It seems that Female cosplayers dominated the said event and they are actually pretty impressive. These girls above are on top of my best list. Just look how creative they are and how much effort they exerted to came up with such a very appealing costume. Unfortunately, I am not aware about their characters but seeing them in such an artistic suit is good and satisfying enough for me. Now here are some cute cosplayers in the event.


Here are some guys who did an impressive job with their suits.


Want more?


Now get ready for the epic fail. They are not that bad actually but I think their costumes are less appealing and not inviting enough.


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8 thoughts on “Ozine Fest 2012 Part 3 : Best and Worst Cosplayers at Ozine Fest”

  1. small kucing says:

    you mean they made their own costume?

  2. small kucing says:

    This is very impressive. Very creative. I see from you photos it seems that takes a lot of hard word to make them

  3. small kucing says:

    Cant help grinning from ear to ear at the epic failed photo. Combination betwen MJ and Spidey definily wont work

  4. [SK] says:

    hahahaha, so this is your own cosplay pageant?? so who will be the winner among those top best?? :p

  5. [SK] says:

    actually everyone deserves a credit, because i am sure everyone has put in great effort to get their costumes up, and spent a lot of time to dress up to appear in the event..

  6. [SK] says:

    yeah, of course girls are more outshining as they could have more variation.. but if guys are daring enough, i think they could anytime overshadow the girls!! yeah, guy power!! hahaha~~ :p

  7. [SK] says:

    hahaha, i actually think the superman and angry bird kind of cute!! i mean they are familiar to many people, more easily to attracts response.. agree?? :p

  8. [SK] says:

    wishing you a great day and happy blogging milton.. 🙂

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