Ozine Fest 2013 : Battle of the Band

Just a quick recap, here’s a picture taken few months ago after attending the highly anticipated Ozine Fest 2013. It was such a blast and me and my cousins had so much fun especially when we were able to witness some great anime bands and some awesone cosplayers. Ozine Fest is generally an event that aims to unite cosplayers and anime lovers.

The event usually last for two to three days. We managed to attend the second day of the event which showcases different bands. Of course, it is expected that these bands are exclusively playing anime songs and we were so thrilled when our favorite band started to perform. We went ahead of our scheduled time that’s why we managed to see them preparing for their equipment for the event. I am not sure though if all of them are performing live because I see a small studio at the back. I saw some amplifiers, audio synthesizers and pedals similar to mad professor pedals at musicians friend at their small improvised studio. The event was a huge blast indeed especially for an anime lover like me and I am looking forward to the next Ozine Fest Event next year. Cheers!

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