Playing Mahjong

Cousin Melvin went to visit us last Monday and he brought this mini set of Mahjong. I am not an expert but i know how to play this game but i always end up losing to Melvs. Well maybe mahjong is not really my expertise.

Anyway, mahjong is a very simple game. You have 152 tiles which are mostly based on Chinese characters and symbols. Each player will received 13 tiles and they will start to draw and discard tiles until one player has a legal hand. A legal hand is where a player gets a total of 14 tiles which should be in either of the 4 various patterns including Pong, Chow, Eyes, and Kong. (You can check the web about this)

We enjoyed playing Mahjong together especially because we got so many cute little tiles to play. Mahjong is actually one of my favorite On line casinos. Though mahjong is being played in so many different ways online. Some of them are like a simple matching game while other maintain the original gameplay. The only advantage of playing mahjong online is that, you do not have to exert any efforts in preparing each tiles because they are being arranged automatically online which is more convenient and less time consuming.  I love playing poker and roulette online too.

Okay that’s all for now guys. Have to sleep now. have a great day and happy blogging.

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