So Far , So Good

Everything is doing well in my new job and I even got my first salary last week which gives me more motivation to continue and to stay in the company for good if ever they will give me a chance. The training is getting more intense but fun at the same time since we’re adapting the whole environment of our workplace and absorbing all the processes and procedures of our job. If there’s one thing I can complain, that would be the location and transportation difficulties. I have to travel 3 hours ahead of my schedule which makes it a bit more stressing. Not to mention if there’s a heavy traffic along your way. If i only have a car, this would no longer be an issue for me because I can take those alternative and short cut routes to our company. It is less time consuming indeed. I might consider renting a space somewhere near my office too so it would no longer be a hassle for me to commute. Or better yet, I’ll get my own RV (Recreational Vehicle) and stay wherever I like near the location of my company. I’m not really sure if we have places here where you can park your RV legally like those places in US but that would be really cool if we have one. ┬áBut of course, if you will get or buy an RV , make sure you apply for 5th wheel insurance as well to hedge the risk of any possible devastating loss in case you got involved in a vehicular accident. Well, anyway, since I do not have enough budget yet to buy my own car, i have to bear all these stressing daily travel experience. After all, i have to face everything in a professional manner especially if i really want to stay in this company right?

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