Successful and Meaningful Celebrations

It’s been five months now since I decided to become a member of a mandated organization in our parish and I am so happy that i managed to make my “Year of Faith” meaningful. Being a Legion of Mary is probably one of the greatest and right decision I ever made in my life. November and December are the busiest months for our organization because we have to handle various events in relation with our grand feast and the upcoming celebration of the feast of Immaculate conception. To give you a quick highlights of the events we attended, we recently had the very successful grand reunion of our curia. The juniors had some wonderful presentations and performances. Here’s one the videos taken by our member.

It was really overwhelming indeed and we’re planning to celebrate the next reunion even bigger. They said that seniors will have their own numbers too and as a part of their team, I know that we have to prepare well for that event. We might get a bigger venue too so hat we can invite private DJ’s and I’m sure that is something that most of our youth members will enjoy. I remember myself watching a stunning black light performance before so we probably do the same thing. We might need a classic galaxian sky laser effect though or anything that is ultraviolet.

Anyway, it seems like it’s going to be another busy week for us and I’m hoping that we will have another successful celebration. Hopefully, it’s going to be a blast! Cheers!

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