Sudden Unusual Debate With My Brother

Did you ever had an unusual conversation with a family member or a friend with a topic that came out of nowhere? Well, I frequently had that with my brother. He is more like a lawyer wannabe because he never want to lose a debate even though he knows he is wrong. The funny thing here is that my brother and I along with the rest of my family had a chance to do a videoke together when this topic suddenly came out of nowhere. My brother argued with me about the cable used for mic. Seriously, i never pay attention to it haha. He told me stuff about these connectors and why are they designed that way. His explanation does make sense to me though. We’re talking about the XLR connectors (i learned the term after searching it online). I even came across a very interesting article about these so-called XLR connectors and why they are mainly used for Microphones. I never really pay attention to it actually and why should I but like my brother I don’t want to lose our debate either haha (evil laugh). Anyway let me show you what XLR connectors look like.

Our debate is whether the microphones will work in with other jacks than the XLR connector or not. I confidently say yes because I have seen mics that worked well with USB cable and mics can also be powered by batteries right? Melvin on the other hand says NO. Like any of our debates, he won simply because I often concede. I did my research though and found out that he is somehow correct. XLR connector is a perfect example of a balanced cable which technically provides a balanced path. This allows better signal quality and they are susceptible to interference which is very ideal for Mics. It is nice to note that microphones compare to typical audio instruments like guitars and amplifiers tend to have much longer cables, thus they tend to be more affected by noises and interference. These balanced cables provide the so-called Phantom power that a microphone requires, it features stability and reduces interference. Well i guess my brother is right after all. Sigh.

7 thoughts on “Sudden Unusual Debate With My Brother”

  1. Twilight Man says:

    Goodness! LOL…. 2 brothers wanna argue over a piece of cable. Wait till you see the type of arguments I have with my siblings that could wring the necks.
    If that’s a healthy debate, it should be good. Where is the video to share?

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      about the videoke? You wouldn’t want to see me singing.. i swear LOL

  2. fiel-kun says:

    Haha, hindi talaga nawawala ang mga ganyang debate sa magkakapatid. Normal lang yan 🙂

    I also had a lot of that same experience. Minsan nga umaabot pa kami sa point na nagpapataasan na kami ng boses eh. Walang nagpapatalo ahaha!

  3. mun says:

    Good that you search for the answer and found that your brother is right instead of just giving in to your brother without finding out the truth.

  4. Mariuca says:

    New commenting system here I see? Hope u can receive my comments… 🙂

  5. Mariuca says:

    He he he which brother is this? Is it your small kid brother, the adorable handsome one? He he he… well u win some and u lose some right? 😉

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