Surprising Him

We only have two more weeks to prepare for my Younger brother’s birthday. He will be celebrating his 20th birthday this July 25 and we’re planning to surprise him by organizing a small party in our house. Of course, mom will cook her special recipes including my brother’s all time favorite spaghetti. I know that his not into this kind of party anymore but I’m sure he cannot refuse mom’s specialty haha. I failed to greet him exactly on his birthday last year because of my work. Too bad, my bosses from that previous employer didn’t even allow me to take at least a one day working leave to celebrate the very special day with my brother.

Oh well, this is my chance now, i have to make this extra special for him. As a matter of fact, i am currently looking for some nice gourmet cakes to buy online. I saw some stylish looking cakes and truffles onlineĀ  yesterday that made me drooling in front of my PC LOL. I know it is something that will not last forever compare to other material gifts but my brother is a type of guy who’s not really into material gifts. He will actually be more excited if you give him foods than presenting him some precious gifts. Sounds weird but yes! that’s my brother! haha

Advance Happy birthday Bro and i wish you all the best and success in life.

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