Tsunami In Japan Reminds Me of Ondoy

I was in the market when i first heard the news about the Tsunami that attacks Japan. At first, i thought it was just a rumor that is being scattered online in an exaggerated way but then when i heard the news on tv that it is actually happening, i was really shocked. I have friends and relatives working there and we are so worried because we cannot contact them until now. But we’re hoping that they’re safe.

It actually reminds me of the Typhoon Ondoy that hits our country though the Tsunami in Japan is much worst. We are one of the thousand victims of this Typhoon Ondoy. Our house was damaged so bad which resulted us to leave our house in Marikina and migrate here in Cavite. But i can tell you guys how golden my experience was during that disaster. I am so grateful and happy to see how people help each other. It was like they took out the boundaries between them. In fact, i remember when we were all sent into an evacuation area and we do not have any source of electricity that time because of the major blackout, there was this family who generously offered their honda generator for those who have babies. Milzon was just 3 years old that time and we’re lucky that they allowed us to share with the generator. It really helped us a lot.

And now that Japan is almost in the same condition, we may not be there to help them physically, please do offer your prayers for the victim.

This is a natural calamity and it comes in the most unexpected time and place. We cannot prevent it but at least we can do something to protect ourselves. Be sure to keep all your important documents in one place so  that if ever this kind of scenario happen, you know where to find them. Also, be sure that you stock some foods and also make sure that you have first aid kit available in your house. Buying a generator is practical too since it can be very handy during this kind of situation. And of course above all, your life is the most important thing so if it is impossible for you to get your things, then don’t waste your time and forget everything, go and save yourself!  Prayer is the most powerful tool that we can have to save ourselves from this kind of situation.

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