Will Thia Megia Can Make it?

I am big fan of American Idol. I have watched the show from Season 2 and until now, i never get tired of watching them. Well, simply because i am a music lover and i can also say that i am a music critic. I love AI because they feature those songs that are almost forgotten by many of us. They bring those songs from the golden era alive again. Well, Season 10 is way much better that the three previous seasons. The finalists for this year are so great and it is pretty unpredictable to know who will win this competition.

My bet so far would be Pia Toscano. Well She got the voice, the looks and the attitude! James Durbin is also a great performer and is like the Adam Lambert version of this season. Scotty McCeery is also my favorite because of his unique country voice. Of course, i am a big fan of our very own Thia Megia! She has a very distinct voice and I just realized that Randy Jackson is right when he compared Thia’s voice to the late Michael Jackson. Check Thia’s version of “Out Here On My Own” and close your eyes. Listen very carefully. Now check some songs of Micheal Jackson when he’s just a kid like “I Want You Back” or “Rockin Robin”. Compare both of them and see why they sounds alike.  Though Thia is not smart enough to sing the right song for the competition. She should have chosen songs that can showcase her vocal ability. Though she’s smart enough to make some a Capella in the beginning of each song which makes her stands out to others.

This week, they will be singing songs from the year they were born and Thia was born in 1995. What do you think the right song for her? 1995 is the year where artists like Monica, Brandy and Alanis Morrissette stands out. They said that Alanis has a unique voice but actually what makes Alanis unique is her unusual phrasing of words. Well, it would be great seeing our very own Thia singing Alanis songs though she might be compared to Crystal Bowersox of the last season and we all know how great Crystal is when she sang Alanis’ “hands in my Pocket” and “You ougtha know”.

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