Vinyl and Granite Tiles, Which Do you prefer?

Are you guys¬† planning to remodel or renovate your house? Will you ever consider using Vinyl Composition Tile (or simply Vinyl Tiles) for your flooring and kitchen countertops? Well, If you’re budget is quite limited, then most likely, you will absolutely include Vinyl as one of your top choice material alongside with other inexpensive finishing like Ceramic Tiles and Laminated Flooring. Vinyl is not a Linoleum nor a Ceramic finishing but it usually resemble the same appearance.
Vinyl is inexpensive indeed yet you have to buy a special adhesive to attach them. Tiles are typically waxed and buffed using special materials and equipment too. Well, unlike Ceramic Tiles, Vinyl are quite sensitive to heat and the colors easily fade away in a short period of time. And worst, the tiles will start breaking or popping up because of improper application of adhesive or by too much exposure to heat just like what happened to these tiles I saw last weekend. Check how Vinyl tiles lose their alignment and starting to popped up.

(It may not be so clear in this picture but if you’re going to look closer, you’ll see thateach tiles are not aligned properly anymore which is a sign of improper installation or application of adhesive)

Well, in fairness to Vinyl tiles, you can easily replace them by taking out the damaged part and replace it with a new one. But of course, replacement can be very costly especially if you keep on doing it over and over again. So for me, if you are really aiming for durability and quality especially if you’re using it for your kitchen countertops. I much prefer granite over other materials though marble and quartz are still good enough too. You might also want to consider buying granite countertops hayward in California especially the one being offered by Marble City which is well known for their high quality kitchen countertops. How about you? Will you go for Vinyl which is very affordable yet not so satisfying quality or will you go for an expensive one yet highly durable?

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