Vocational Festival 2013 Part 2 : The Congregation Tour

Here’s the second part of my Vocational Festival 2013 post.

After the Orientation, we finally had our opportunity to have our lunch. It only took half and hour and we had to go back to the hall in preparation for the Congregation Tour. I actually don’t know what to expect that time and I was surprised when they told us that the boys will be separated from girls during the tour. I also found out that we will be taken to a different congregation which made me feel more excited. Since I am the only guy in our team, I had to go to the congregation alone together with other participants from different schools, churches and parishes. My team were assigned to visit the “National Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette” in Biga Silang, Cavite.
 photo 1476316_10201747092792364_1862791991_n_zps62715b39.jpgWe were warmly welcomed by the missionaries and seminarians of the Shrine and we were given an opportunity to watch a movie that showcases the events that occurred during the Apparition of Our Lady of Lasellete. La Salette is actually a name of a tiny village on the Alpine mountains in Grenoble , France. The apparition took place on the 19th day of September 1846 where the Blessed Mother appeared to two children , Melanie (14 years old) and Maximin (11).  They saw the Blessed Mother weeping , hense, Our Lady of La Selette is also called the Weeping Mother or the Weeping Madonna. According to the story, the Blessed Mother was crying because of the sins of her children. She also warned Melanie and Maximin about the upcoming Famine. As for the Shrine of Our Lady of La Sallette, you can check their history at inangpag-asa.com.
 photo 1460113_10201747099992544_550845022_n_zps962ce0ca.jpgHere’s the wonderful and stunning altar and sanctuary of The Shrine. Here’s where we watched the movie clip while we were waiting for the next batch of participants to arrive (we were all divided into two batch). After their arrival, the seminarians tour us around their huge place. The entire land covers a total of 16 hectares accommodating all their facilities including their school, the dormitory for the seminarians (there were separate building for novitiates , aspirants, and priests). One of the most interesting parts of our tour is when we visited the shrines and the statues showcasing how the Apparition of Our Lady of La Salette started.
 photo 1471096_10201747096272451_2075882941_n_zpse9603620.jpg photo 1451568_10201747096032445_1794559996_n_zpsbda770bf.jpg photo 1469883_10201747097152473_1771981618_n_zps860bfb10.jpg photo 1461126_10201747094832415_2021927203_n_zpsfa10cb14.jpg

Here are more pictures taken from the tour.
 photo 1476210_10201747093472381_223943011_n_zps61aa20e7.jpg photo 1425572_10201747093352378_333407406_n_zps9f021d92.jpg

A small cemetery dedicated for the priests and seminarians from the La Sallette community.
 photo 555975_10201747099872541_1011734700_n_zps0e1d86c0.jpg

(A Stunning view from their three story school)

 photo 1452590_10201747097672486_2031648669_n_zps17ac40ef.jpg photo 1461192_10201747098872516_783279068_n_zps50f4e481.jpg

A life size statue of our Blessed Mother in front of the La Salette Crucifix ( A unique image of cross with hammer and pincer on both side). I also found a statue of the Miraculous Medal along my way.

 photo 1453513_10201747098672511_224881685_n_zpsff1f9766.jpg

Ending the congregation tour. I am not yet done, I will be posting the last entry for my VocFest 2013 experience in my next entry. (Including my Church mates and the confession)

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