What to do after Retirement?

Are you thinking what to do after your retirement already? Okay, i know it’s damn too early to think about it but i think it is just right to think or plan something about your future right? I was reading a magazine last night and i came across an article that tackles about things that you should do after your retirement. I am just 22 years old and i know i am way to far to think of this but the content of that article really makes sense on me and i started to realized what will happen to me if i reached 60 and above? It is said that once get old, you should continue to widen your interest. try to look something interesting that will keep yourself busy. Yes you are old but you should be eager to continue your life still. Be optimistic. Aging is something that we cannot escape so you have to learn how to cope with it and accept it wholeheartedly. We know that we tend to become more emotional as we get older but it is very important not to let emotions rule you. Giving in to anger or sadness is one of the unhealthiest habit. Go on travel or look for a new place of living. In America, it is popular among senior citizens to get a recreational Vehicle for them. RV is being equipped with living space and amenities. Most of its models come up with a small space for kitchen, living room, dining and bathroom.There is enough space for bed room too. RV can also be used for camping purposes knowing that it’s like you’re bringing the whole house with you and you can get all you need. Most of the senior citizens lived here full time that’s why most of them used to get rv insurance as early as they can. I just don’t know if we have the same vehicle here in the country.

The best thing to do when you get old is to not to think about it. the more we think that we’re getting old and the more we think we become useless, the more emotional we are. So better be happy with your life and always be thankful to God for giving you another another day to live everyday!

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