Events and Celebrations: What to Consider When Booking a Venue

Planning an event is no easy task. It requires a keen eye to detail, an organized budget and a dash of resourcefulness. Take one of those and you will be left with a heaping pile of a mess—or at least, more complications than necessary. Planning an event, albeit difficult, can be straightforward if you took care of the pivotal aspects first before shifting your focus and attention towards the minute details.

In this regard, it is inevitable for most event organizers to begin their event planning with the venue selection. On the surface, choosing a venue may seem fairly easy as all you need to do is find that one specific place that answers and addresses all of your event’s needs. However, unlike looking for a place for a holiday such as where to stay in La Union, , Baler or any other place, determining where your event should be is not a decision you can easily make in a day.

Being an important piece and aspect of your event, venue selection is a weighty task that deservedly requires your focus and attention. More importantly, to ensure that the logistics of your event go as planned, it should be something you initially take care of before you proceed onto the next step. Cuisine and entertainment, albeit important factors, are aspects you can put off until you have locked down on a venue. Keep in mind that your venue sets the scene and dictates most of the choices related to the event. Similarly, it contributes to the overall experience of your guests so much more than any other factor of your event. Whether you are poring over catalog upon catalog on potential events venue in Quezon City or looking through the latest flyers on reception venues in Taguig, it is imperative that the venue selection process should be your first task. Venue selection, albeit exciting, can be the most difficult of all event planning related tasks and this is because there is a lot riding on your choice.


To ensure that you make the right choice, here are some of the things you should consider:

1.) Cost (and your budget)

As it is, how much you are willing to spend for the venue should come first simply because you should not run the risk of falling in love with a venue that you cannot afford. Your venue will take up a sizable portion of your budget, but it should not eat your whole budget. Keep in mind that you have other things to budget for. Fortunately, some venues offer packages that include all other essentials such as catering, entertainment and the like. Be sure to have an idea of what your prospective venue’s packages and rates are before deciding on one.

2.) Capacity and size

Every venue space—no matter how big—is limited by the number of people who can occupy it at any given time. Before you even start on creating a guest list, it is best to determine how many people your venue can accommodate. Bear in mind that just because your venue claims to seat approximately 500 people does not mean that you should exhaust every inch of that available space by inviting 500 people as well. Remember that you still have other space-eating factors to account for such as where your catering station should be, the band and the like. When booking a venue, be sure that your guests have enough space to be comfortably seated. After all, you would not want them to be stifled and crammed into a space just because you insisted on exhausting every bit of space given to you.

3.) Location

If you want your event to be well-attended, be sure to book a venue that is within reasonable distance from most attendees’ homes. If most of them are coming from out of town, you might want to choose one that is practical such as one near airports or hotels. Doing it this way means that you no longer need to account for traffic—just the transportation and parking options. While we are at that, be sure that the events venue you have chosen has enough parking space for your guests. Ideally, your chosen venue should have parking arrangements even if it requires an additional fee. If most of your guests are going to be bringing their own cars, be sure to select a venue that has a big enough parking space with security.

Choosing the right and appropriate event spaces plays a crucial role in organizing a successful event or celebration.  Whether it is a formal event for business and schools, or special celebrations like birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries, you should always pick a venue that could perfectly match the theme. A perfect venue will not just make the event extra special and memorable to the celebrant but also provides a great experience to the guests and attendees.

If you are looking for a unique outdoor theme, you might as well look for a special venue. For instance, if you are from Adelaide, Australia, you can check what kind of function venue adelaide zoo has. They offer spacious and nature-friendly venues that will surely make your reception event even more memorable.

4.) Availability

Another thing you have to factor in before deciding on a venue is its availability. Most events venues get booked rather fast—especially during peak seasons. In this regard, it is beast to book your venue at least six months to a year prior to your event. If you want to leverage your choices then you better start looking even as early as a year from your event. Keep in mind that there are certain times of the year or days in the week where it is busier than usual. In some cases, this causes reception venues to get fully booked. However, it might also mean that they will charge you more than they will on off peak weeks and seasons.

5.) Flexibility

If you have a theme you wish to incorporate into your event then go for a space that is easily customizable. Ideally, you should go for a venue where you are able to move chairs and tables as you wish. Similarly, ask the decorating policies of your events venue and see if you are able to tailor the surroundings to your liking as this can contribute to the overall feel and ambiance of a space.  Apart from that, ask them when their set-up time is and if an event is scheduled before you as this might eat up the time needed for you to setup. Big event setups tend to take long hours and requiring the venue a day in advance for the complete setup. With this in mind, talk to the venue coordinator first and ask when you can possibly start setting up.

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